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  1. N-T-A for not wanting her to come, infants and 9 year olds have very different needs and desires and I understand that you don't want to spend your whole honeymoon building sandcastles. But YTA for not working harder on building a relationship with his daughter. You're marrying him, she's part of your family now.

  2. Had to scroll down WAY too far to find this. An infant and a 9-year old aren’t even comparable in terms of needs and wants. The baby is basically a high maintenance potato you carry around with you, whereas the older kid is a fully developed person who is crashing the trip.

  3. Got all of this for about $35! I’ve been wanting a Kate Spade wallet, and couldn’t believe I found (a seemingly authentic) one in near perfect shape! I was really excited about the North Face jacket (currently $150 on their site) and the Beyond Yoga leggings (currently $99 on their site) too. I also needed a belt, and the black skinny pants were only $3.50 after half off. It’s dangerous having such a fire goodwill 5 minutes from my house 😅

  4. Jump on my back to my house I don’t have to be there I just need a ride home from the hospital I have a lot to get to get done with work I don’t have time for that I’m sorry but I’m gonna be a few hours I don’t have a lot going to work I have a doctors appointments at three so I’ll probably get home about five to six hours after I finish my lunch I don’t have a ton to go do my hair I don’t need a shower and then I’m going home to get my haircut I need a haircut I need my haircut I need a hairbrush I need a hair cut my nails and my nails and my nails and everything and then I’m going back home and I need a hairdresser and I have a haircut I need a hairstylist I woman and then I’m going out for my appointment at the salon and then I’m going out for the weekend I don’t have a hair salon and I need a hair salon and then I need a hair salon I need a hair and then I’m going out to my appointment I need a hair salon I’m going out of my house I have to get a hair

  5. I’m from NJ and where I’ve mostly replaced ‘you guys’ with ‘y’all’ as my gender neutral expression it slipped out like 15 times today during a work meeting.

  6. I feel the ingrained “you guys” struggle coming from Michigan, too. Right or wrong, it’s just the midwestern y’all.

  7. I really like it!! But as others have said, if you don’t, that’s all that matters.

  8. Not a university, but my art museum is currently re-installing our Hudson River School permanent collection galleries to make room for a brand new acquisition. This acquisition will add diversity to our collection as it was a Hudson River School painting done by an African American artist. There's a large initiative in our museum currently to add and showcase artists of diverse backgrounds (women artists, minority artists, etc.) both in our permanent collection and in our temporary/traveling exhibits.

  9. Do you mind sharing which museum you’re at? I LOVE the Hudson River School :)

  10. Need more early modern period historical fiction

  11. This. Having a decent paying job that you don't hate and affords you enough pay and time to follow your passions if significantly more rewarding than slaving away for non profits making near minimum wage for a job that tons of grad students would do for free.

  12. Second and third these, respectively. I love American History, but knowing I was being taken advantage of and seriously underpaid ultimately ruined the enjoyment I would have had for my old job where I got to work with it first hand. Now I design nature centers (so still museum adjacent) and get to enjoy history on my own time, without the baggage.

  13. Not sure if this helps or not but none of my exes look the same. Ethnicity, body type, etc…

  14. On the flip side, ALL of my exes look the same, and my current partner has a completely different body type. I’ve never loved someone more or been happier in a relationship, and I’m totally attracted to him in spite of him not matching the ~type~ I’ve usually gone for.

  15. yea, honestly doesn't feel great when celebrities take off their shirts in movies and shes like "oh look at that!"

  16. I can’t imagine making comments like that to my partner. I can thirst after Christian Bale on my own time… when I’m with my SO, the only good looks I comment on are his own, particularly since I know he’s self conscious about not being at the fitness level he’d like.

  17. He thinks it makes it look too obvious I’ve had kids, and that I shouldn’t be wearing a top like this. I suppose “not in a bad way” but he thinks it doesn’t compliment my shoulders/child feeding boobs. I’m definitely over thinking it. He’s a nimrod.

  18. What??? Girl I wish I looked this good, and I have had zero kids. He can kick rocks

  19. I’m a millennial and I won’t either. I assume it’s going to be shitty, otherwise they’d list it. No salary listed = waste of my time and energy

  20. It heavily depends on the store. The one in my middle/upper-middle class town is still fairly priced and I’ve had great finds (Madewell jeans, Northface fleece, Patagonia shirts, etc.) there for under $10. The one ten minutes down the road in the bigger city is way more expensive for not as nice quality.

  21. I C&R’ed that Polaroid sweatshirt and I have Regrets. I don’t usually wear crop tops but it’s so cuteeee

  22. On top of being not safe… that’s just wildly rude to take other people’s drinks???

  23. My partner has recently gotten into painting minis and models and dear GOD that stuff is expensive, difficult, and time consuming. I never really thought about it beyond some negative associations I have with Warhammer players, but the skill required really is impressive and the materials are shockingly expensive.

  24. My coworker paints models and my partner is into historical fencing… the thought of melding them into one super nerd is… astonishing 😂

  25. Hey. Easy. There isn’t one set of rules for her and another for you. There just isn’t. Have him over as much as you want.

  26. Agreed 100%. This reads like she’s just jealous of your new relationship and is making new rules just to suit herself. She can shove it.

  27. By suffering an hour long commute to silver spring everyday, and also being employed at the same place the last 11 years.

  28. Yeah, I commute down to Gaithersburg and my neighbor in my building commutes down to Rockville. I hate spending so much time in the car, but you gotta do what you gotta do and that’s where the money is.

  29. They are really grasping at remaining a contemporary brand- even coach is having a comeback but Kate Spade is just lagging behind it’s peers in terms of brand stature and quality.

  30. Idk… personally Kate Spade purses are my favorite and and most of my millennial female family members and friends (across multiple separate circles) have it as their preferred brand for handbags, including the friends I think of as being most stylish. So from my experience, I certainly wouldn’t say it’s a dying brand.

  31. Yeah I’m with you. They seem like they would have good thoughtful discussions too. Maybe I’m lame like that though.

  32. This only makes Sam and Rosie more ideal because I too want to be home by 9.

  33. Finding a precise date is hard. It has to be sometime around 1890-1910 I would say, probably closer to 1900-1910. It is a cabinet card photograph, which was popular around this time. Just the design of the backing makes me think it's a later cabinet card. I am not sure what the symbol in the middle of the bottom of the card is, but just the fact it's in English kind of narrows down the options for location. The symbol looks royal, so my guess would be somewhere in Europe, probably Britain. Hopefully this helps.

  34. Seconding this answer. I also thought 1890-1910, likely 1900-1910.

  35. I like it!! You could think about varying your line weight a bit to add some dimension while still keeping it line art, potentially?

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