1. Yep! I usually compare pictures of fishing trips of my father or even mine when young with the ones I've been nowadays and there is a noticeable decrease in size, diversity and quantity of fishes

  2. Not the ending ending but the end of the island sequence on "Where the Wild Things Are" when Max leaves the island wrecks me

  3. I know you mean living creatures but ichnofossils are a crazy thing. You have lots o extinct creatures known only by traces that can even have some behaviors figured out from, but zero knowledge of what exactly the animal was.

  4. El Chavo del Ocho might be safe. It doesn't really play into Mexican stereotypes to my knowledge. But I'm not Mexican, so I could be wrong.

  5. Para coisas mais formais eu gosto da Big Burg, perto da praça do homem nu (meio cara, mas tem roupas sociais boas)

  6. Não sabemos exatamente como o Oxalaia era, muito menos o Spinosaurus. Uma moeda dele ficaria rapidamente datada conforme novas descobertas são feitas.

  7. A chunkier "clone pack" with more than the classic 7 species would be an interesting thing

  8. Unfortunately no, activate the birth control or do exhibits with only one gender

  9. Ptera is fun, specially when you master que maneuverability to hunt small dinosaurs and bother the large ones

  10. I just remember baleen whales, pelagic fishes and lamnid sharks, animals with specific feeding habits or with behaviors that are hard to replicate in captivity. There might be many more species

  11. Até que sim, paço parte do 10% de formados da turma que atua na área

  12. Dwight, Jim, Pam, Angela, Michael, Jan and Andy (just watched The Office' Dinner Party)

  13. I mean let it come when it comes. No point in making guesses, when it’s been 3 weeks speculated and 3 weeks got nothing.

  14. This! The first game was just like this when abandoned

  15. Não é fácil melhorar o currículo ganhando experiência e grana ao mesmo tempo, infelizmente. Se você não tiver sorte em uma oportunidade de ouro, terá que fazer escolhas:

  16. I watched a Omni jump into the air and one hit a low flying ptera yesterday so I would really hope not. I imagine they would at the least be like 300kg

  17. Beipi is said to be 90kg in the images, twice the ptera size. Probably fragile

  18. Unfortunately the deino superpopulation will make beipy a land creature

  19. Eu tô amando seu ciclo de quebrar a cara com o ensino superior OP, me traz lembranças de 10 anos atrás quando eu me indignava e achava que mudaria o mundo.

  20. Um monte na graduação em engenharia florestal, hoje em dia não muito

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