1. As a TFA obsessed fan i can confirm i would do this to someone who say TFA is trash

  2. That bumblebee looks super cursed but kind off could be a new Character (btw op what app u used to make it?) And those soundwaves look interesting

  3. Now i see why it was a bad idea making this :< certainly i would just imagine the aligned continuity being mostly animated series than 3d series or something like that but maybe i didn't thinked much

  4. It’s just that some of the stuff in aligned like the WOC and FOC games make our whole cast like… completely radically different from who they are in animated. So it just doesn’t work.

  5. Maybe Hasbro didn't planed well the aligned continuity and there is noticing the abandoned it is ending with the rescue bots secuel now i see why animated would fit well in there

  6. This is for me the best g1 Optimus design with the bayverse essence really good job are ya going to do another in that style?

  7. I just cried in Rotf Optimus death and dotm Ironhide death so uh what's my category?

  8. Also and ratchet death and we could stay here all day mentioning deaths

  9. So uh what's coming next? Starsverse megaverse soundverse bumbleverse or the must important on

  10. An adaptation of Trial of Megatron as a streaming-exclusive Special Movie

  11. Actually i was thinking if i would publish my own version of trial of Megatron and the entire season 4

  12. Personally i started rewatching animated and i have to say it's a damn good serie with prime and personally i would give Arcee and Ironhide more protagonistm (sorry if my writing is poor) and expand the cameos or giving the predacon some more time this serie had potential but sadly season 4 was cancelled so we couldn't know what happened after the serie end..

  13. Imagine if they did the same but with all the rest of dead autobots so much new traumas!!

  14. The real question is why does he have the matrix if in the box art he doenst have it.

  15. Yes of course i want to hear lugnut saying megatron is perfect and autobots are idiots for 1000000 hours

  16. Aside from all the Cybernet Space Cube stuff being cut into the episodes randomly, they also re-arranged the episode orders. This wouldn't have been that big of an issue given most episodes are self-contained adventures with few, if any story arcs occurring. Unfortunately, they also threw in some season 3 episodes, keeping in mind the original airing order was changed. Most glaringly, during the second season of the G2 cartoon, they had Ghost in a Machine early on. This meant kids unfamiliar with the G1 show suddenly saw Starscream as a ghost with no context why he is dead, and given the remaining episodes were from season 1 and 2, this also meant he "came back to life" (As far as I know, the 1986 movie was never included as part of G2).

  17. But laser Optimus prime and others were good or just decent figures so G2 had his good things otherwise of just being g1 EpIsOdEs WiTh 3d iNTrO yEaHh and r e p a i n t s and the comics never read them but sure there is some good one or just more edgier comics then the first marvel ones

  18. Right, but the unique G2 toys didn't make it in to the cartoon, since they were just G1 episodes.

  19. What a shame G2 may be just remembered as the worst transformers product ever (the serie) and other stuff of him made

  20. For me just because it looks cArToOnY and ChIlDrIsH or just "generic" doesn't mean they are bad designs i also love it.

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