1. Sugarfree Monster drinks taste fantastic imo. The only energy drink I like the flavours of. I'd be curious if JD has tried the Mule (ginger one) and what he thinks of that =)

  2. The mule one is so good but I cant find it around here anymore. I also enjoy the White sugar free can, and Nitro (green)

  3. He gambled and won, that’s respectable in its own way

  4. No. It isn't. It's irresponsible. Step back for a moment and seriously think about it. What if your dad quits his full time job... to join a band.. wearing a clown mask... and hitting a keg?

  5. There are smart gambles and dumb gambles

  6. Clown would be nothing without Joey, Paul, and Corey. Anyone who truly thinks Shawn Crahan is some mastermind seriously has little to no understanding how the music industry works. But yeah, at the end of the day, he got lucky

  7. That's why I'm going to wait until next week to buy the album and give it a full listen!

  8. Hivemind is one of the weaker tracks from the album.. so is Warranty

  9. Sounds to me like you haven't really listened to it all that much, if at all. Hivemind and Warranty are a couple of the standouts, along with the singles, Acidic, and H377. Tbh the only "weak" track is Adderall. And it's still a good song, just not what I would expect out of Slipknot.

  10. I've listened to the album front to back more than a handful of times. Hivemind and Warranty are just run of the mill Slipknot that bring absolutely nothing new to the table. Its riffs we've heard before with slight variations.. boring song structure.. and vocal patterns that we've heard time and time again. Hivemind is better than Warranty but both songs sound like throwaway tracks from WANYK. Adderall may not be your typical Slipknot but its refreshing because it sounds completely new.. I suppose I'm on the side of wanting to hear new ideas rather than rehashes of the same song structure we've been hearing since .5

  11. Technically Not meant for me is on the queen of the damn soundtrack and you're right about make believe! This is just a fantasy of mine that Korn did a ballad song called Not meant for me.

  12. JD does tend to reuse titles often so it's possible. I.e. "Hating, The Hating"

  13. DD will reimburse you for poor delivery/ethics from the dasher. Not tipping upfront still isnt gonna get you anywhere. I'm gonna decline your order everytime. Just because you tip afterwards doesnt mean everyone does. And I'm not driving 15 miles for 2.50. Simple as that.

  14. I learned this the hard way. I tip in cash as much as possible so that minimum (or really, below minimum) wage workers don’t have to report tips or pay tax on it. I even put it on my notes. So often I would get a driver accept my order and then just never deliver. Like two hours later they had still accepted it and declined as the clock went to zero. And I’ve seen dashers on here say that do that as a punishment. I get declining an offer when there’s no guarantee the person is telling the truth or thinks $2 in cash is adequate! But I’m really peeved when I was going to tip 25% and then my order gets accepted and just never gets delivered. Now I always do it on the app if I have to tip beforehand, lesson learned!

  15. The sad part is... many people aren't as generous as you seem to be. Many people will leave no tip at all. And they are usually the rudest customers. You also have people that leave a nice tip but they will leave a message in the instructions to "get them a pack of cigs or blunt rolls" with the tip money. As a dasher, I dont have time for that shit. I'm only delivering so I can afford my rent, so any additional bullshit I tend to try to avoid

  16. It is odd that he's back in the public eye with Stillwell after having "old habits" creep up enough to have him step away from Korn. I wouldn't be surprised if Ra Diaz becomes a studio writing member and Fieldy plays the occasional show. Idk

  17. Korn will likely be there next year. And I wouldnt be surprised if they managed to get Metallica

  18. Its been said somewhere that Windows was reworked into People = Shit and some of it was made into "Welcome"

  19. Hivemind and Acidic are my two favorites still. Hivemind will probably be the next music video if I had to guess.

  20. If I had to guess, I'd say Heirloom will be the last single. It's the most "radio friendly"

  21. No I do not, I just don't live on the internet.

  22. Where do I listen to it? Probable a dumb question but I don’t know where to find it. Is it on YouTube or Spotify?

  23. H377 and Warranty are heavy. De Sade is just fucking amazing. Heirloom will probably be the next single, it sounds the most radio friendly. It sounds if Stone Sour wrote Psychosocial with a poppy chorus

  24. Mick Thomsons first mask, he painted the Distortions Battered Hockey mask yellow. It was never used alone during ST era, only below the Leather Devil.

  25. I've learned that this sub is divided into 2 types of people. People who listen to Slipknot, and people who tell everyone they listen to Slipknot

  26. Omg! THIS!!!! That’s all i could picture when I listened to some of this new album! I never listened to it all but honestly! 100% found his vocals the same and really wasn’t here for it tbh

  27. The thing is... I don't want another Iowa. I loved Vol 3 when it came out.. it was an interesting evolution for the band. This album sounds like they're trying to do every extreme. Super melodic.. super heavy. And trying to cram all that into one album is jarring. If I make a playlist, I dont put my heavy shit with the soft shit. I make playlists for whatever mood I'm in. That's why I've been saying this album doesnt feel cohesive. It's trying to do too much and most of it ends up forgettable. I wish they would have done the double album Clown had mentioned prior to WANYK. One should have been heavy and one should have been melodic

  28. If stone sour never existed there would be a far different response to songs like this lol

  29. Not necessarily. I love Stone Sour's first album. I didnt like the melodies of later Stone Sour.. and I especially dont like them in Slipknot. Idk man, Corey used to have a very unique, creepy clean vocal. Now he sounds like he wants to be in an 80s hair metal band

  30. Interesting. I was watching the video for Shaken not stirred earlier and the last scene had a baby in a tank. And a fleeting thought was "hmm, maybe this is a prequel to Matriphagy". How ironic i found this post the same day

  31. i feel like you're implying that the baby in the tank is kungan and just like... no 💀

  32. It's not like I didn't pay for the album already. I haven't listened to it but like, is it stealing if I paid for it already?

  33. Its gonna be on Spotify and every other free streaming service on the 30th anyway. The only thing you're stealing is airtime for advertisements

  34. i think i made out a few more words from hivemind than you did but since idk how to edit it, ill just link a pastebin so you can fix it

  35. It just has too many ideas going on and many of them don't jive. Like, some of the guitar parts sound like they're plucked from completely different songs. And in all honesty, I think this is one of Corey's worst albums. The tonality is great but his ideas just don't work

  36. I feel like there should be a report option for messages like this. DD should suspend Dashers that ask for higher tips. The chat option should be nothing more than asking for directions or information about the order, period.

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