1. I want to play a wide variety of games from war-zone to slay the spire. I’ve got a 4K 120fps monitor.

  2. Since your ult does nothing replace the extra resolve with extra healing.

  3. Every Energy glitch also completes Gamatoto's expedition timer, so you can cycle him repeatedly for 0-9 cf per run. If it takes ~30s per glitch, that's 120 runs per hour, so a few cf per run (on average) is plenty to reach 300cf per hour.

  4. alright, bear with me for a second, I'll give you a rundown.

  5. It’s a -1 for a mediocre disruption. It’s not used because ash is just better.

  6. Can the people who answered no please give me their full legal names and addresses?

  7. You can and there are. But for now the camo’s are locked because its a beta

  8. Kind of, he ended up giving me 2 branded cards in one pack after paying 10k gems

  9. The only thing I have learned here is that I’m the only mf who wears the purple fleece.

  10. How is it possible to beat the game with this deck. There are no good attacks

  11. Double flex + sword boomerang = 44 dmg for 1 energy. strength makes any attack good.

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