1. have you not watched ANY of those blackjack problems with "real dealers"?

  2. Some chick called with a j4 high in like a 150K pot and won! It was crazy

  3. Everything Jimmy did in this hand was gto. It's rampage who played it bad

  4. I can’t imagine the fold is GTO but agreed I thought Rampage played it horribly

  5. Even folding on the flop is GTO. Vs this size folding pre even is debatable

  6. I'm going to create a 12 team H2H cats league $50 league safe ESPN if you're interested, if so If I can get your email I can send u an invite and u can check it out 

  7. I only watch the show because of House. No one is near his level. He steals every scene he’s in. Besides house, Chase is my favorite

  8. Idk what I’m thinking. Wilson is definitely my 2nd favorite! Then Chase

  9. I think she’s attractive. Not the hottest woman I have seen nor the hottest I will see today but I think she’s attractive.

  10. Morons?? That tweet was an honest accurate take on the situation.

  11. Why do leftists have to make everything about sex or race? It’s so exhausting

  12. Season four was a rollercoaster. The beginning was insanely funny, the end was the exact opposite. I think that season is my favorite.

  13. If I didn’t like Amber so much it’d be one of my favorites too

  14. Uhh did you watch the stream? He didn’t make a big deal on stream. Just was rightly shocked when he saw her hand

  15. I respect what Nowinski is trying to do but he can be hyperbolic at times

  16. Nothing to respect. Dude wanted attention. Everyone with a double digit iq or higher knew exactly what the coach meant

  17. You would have to be an idiot to think paralysis or a spinal injury was the concern last night. It was not a crunching hit or a body bending the wrong way. It was clearly a whiplash and hitting his head on the field(for the second time in 5 days) that was followed by the fencer response indicative of a serious concussion. Cool, he's not paralyzed, but two concussions in quick succession can cause lifelong damage. Is it good news his ACL is intact too?

  18. Out of the man cast definitely Cameron followed by Foreman (sometimes). Out of the not as regular group definitely Amber, really can’t stand anything about her. Also, Park doesn’t do it for me at all but I don’t hate her just strongly dislike the character for this show

  19. Totally agree. If I remember correctly, the reason they did not go through with it was because Hugh Laurie was against it as well.

  20. Sorry don’t have one but my own memory, it was ages ago. Grissom/ Sara on CSI was so popular at the time and they wanted to mimic that.

  21. i hope you're right. i think they should shut the stream down now if they cared at all

  22. Yes I’m sure they want controversy that makes them look bad /s

  23. Elton John is his sponsor. Em gifted Elton a pair of diamond cock rings once.

  24. He got addicted to running and hitting a certain amount of steps everyday to the point of being on the treadmill for hours

  25. I believe this was after rehab. Trading one addiction for another

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