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  1. how tf harry styles popular? nigga makes NPC focus group music.

  2. Ppl who don’t like Harry get no bitches guaranteed

  3. Im a rockstar I might join slayer 🤘🎸👨‍🎤

  4. At 7:30am there were some chairs, almost all of the rest of the loungers had towels on them. The pool doesn't open until 10 yet people are reserving chairs they don't intend to use for 4/5 hours.

  5. Well no one else can use them so what’s the issue?

  6. Oh nooooooo, if only there were open seats on either side of those 😱😱😱

  7. Modern version of natural selection

  8. If I see her with another guy, I say “mane go!”

  9. Yeah ibcsn understand s 😂😭 combination but Ive seen so many just using 😭 alone and thats when it can her out og context

  10. Bro spending so much time arguing ab emojis on the internet 😭💀

  11. Where’s the joke? All you did was misgender them

  12. Starting dying in the middle of class reading his posts, my teacher boutta take my phone 💀

  13. You cant cancel someone who doesnt care

  14. Mf probably wonders why he got no bitches

  15. He wouldn’t even be better than trump lmao

  16. I read LethalShooter and LeThalShooter yall have changed me

  17. Lmfao Auntie Diaries is amazing but there's Def gonna be some discourse on it

  18. Bro fr made a anthem for the trans community

  19. Joyner could never make a song to the caliber of The Heart part 5 so there’s no comparison to begin with

  20. You can’t get fries with your hotdog at Costco.

  21. He puts frozen fries under his flabs and they heat up as he shops

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