1. Holy fuck. That tops my heroic dose of mushrooms with Thelma and Louise story.

  2. Never seen but the simpsons parody was palatable, some things should just not be seen on a trip 😂

  3. Would u let ur kid go unsupervised to a church or religious event?

  4. I do the same to not mess up my lipstick 🤣 looks awkward and you drool a bit but makeup stays intact with no random lip mark circles all over your mouth and chin🤣

  5. It’s rare to meet to someone who understands the vision 😂👏

  6. If I remember right hardfliip,back lip, and blunts have been done on it and the rail is high

  7. Redlight era is also highlighted in the club scene with Hansel, red shirt glasses with necklace

  8. Aesthetic and lore wise- big barda Character and personality-Wonder Woman

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