1. There are plenty of releases cataloged here from the last few years.

  2. Nick Cage. Never have I seen a movie where I saw him as the character, he is always just nick cage nick-cage-ing. Granted I haven’t seen his full portfolio there might be one there what would change my mind

  3. You can't, sheik's needle angle would completely change if her short hop was that much lower. She would lose a lot of effective range.

  4. Swedish took a game set. Depending on how many tourneys he came out to, I could see Fiction, Swedish, Moky, perhaps iBDW winning a set. Not saying any of them were likely, but it could have happened.

  5. what are some good switch games I can get? I have smash, Link's Awakening, Transistor, and Let's Go Eevee. I've played BotW on Wiiu but I want to play it again on switch. Heard great things about Mario Odyssey. Also I've been playing way too much fortnite.

  6. Mario Odyssey is a lot of fun, especially if you enjoyed Mario 64 or Sunshine. My two favorite indie games on the switch are Celeste and Hollow Knight. Both platformers with great visuals and soundtracks.

  7. There's a post in the SoCal Melee Facebook group.

  8. No mention of frenzy? I know he's not going to get the summit spot but he's definitely looking to prove himself here in the states

  9. Yeah he recently got wins on Michael41 and multiple wins on Kels. I could see him doing really well this tourney.

  10. JFC the narrator talks so strangely, did they steal the guy from the smash doc?

  11. Man I wish I could enjoy these new LPs but I just don't get it. The bells and whistles of the new production and instrumentation don't do much for me. Especially when all the songs are just mid tempo and based around a basic arpeggiated chord.

  12. I think even saying it sounds like an Owen album is too much praise, especially if we're talking about the earlier albums. Mike's vocal style on these newer albums is even more watered down and simple, too many "oohs" and reverb.

  13. is this worth it? im going to japan in september and im thinking of going here

  14. I went with 3 buddies who all are up to date on OP and we had an amazing time. Just skip O-Robi's game it's a pain in the ass.

  15. Yeah this reads like the trio of math rock of someone who just started listening a couple months ago.

  16. Yeah, but my point here is , these bands have a unique style of music that outplayed the music of some old folks in math rock. I mean i wont really listen to some band who taps randomly and says it is math. Every other math rock band has the same sound , but these list differs

  17. Well, it's Thursday now. Anyone got the seeding?

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