Take Notes, Me, 3D, 2023

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  1. North Korea is also 25.3 million euros in debt to Finland. They're ordered paper machinery during the 70s and never paid.

  2. Yeah, it's has weak and lazy writing. The only good thing about it is one meme.

  3. Decommunisation going exactly to plan

  4. "But master, when we learn to draw hands?" Nice work.

  5. Is there a legit place to actually buy Nikki's work? I'm not aware of one.

  6. Is that actually associated with Nikki in any way though? Does she get paid?

  7. She was a business partner with site owner called Bob.

  8. "Do you know why rocks sink?" What the fuck? I stopped watching after the second episode.

  9. That ring paid for his education and his grandchildren.

  10. "I want an escort who speaks spanish."

  11. Is there a limit on how many times person can do bad things?

  12. The one thing I learned from taking an alcohol education class in college is having a drink in the morning can help curb a hangover. They say it's a sign if alcoholism, but it's a great pro tip if you do end up feeling like shit in the morning. Mix half a beer with an OJ and you will be feeling better in no time.

  13. I used to drink a lot that way. Feeling shitty after night out? 6 beers and vodka fix you up. For a short time, the next day is still a hungover day.

  14. Uhh 6 beers and a vodka in the morning? You doing better now?

  15. Usually, I started drinking in the afternoon when hungover was getting worse. Now much better, not 100% sober, but not that destructive drinking anymore.

  16. Cute little derbs, mom has to be exhausted guarding them.

  17. Better dead than red, sadly finland ended up in bloody civil war in 1918.

  18. Soldiers, security, and prison guards.

  19. This one retired disgraced alcoholic man is our only hope and also his ex-wife whom he’ll probably get back together with

  20. And if they sober up it's always dumbing bottles to the sink and they are cured in a day. Fucking hell, withdrawals from alcohol are bitch to get over.

  21. Explosions doesn't have shrapnel or blast field that knock people out. And that fucking stupid gas fireball with BOOM!!! sound. After that nobody is saying snappy one liners and hearing anything.

  22. Did your hands shake when you take picture?

  23. Please tell me there was somebody behind you taking a picture of you taking a picture. Cool shot nevertheless.

  24. Finnish fast food is such a delicacy. Kebab with rice is only thing that I order from such places, it's a miracle if they fuck that up.

  25. Thank you, enjoying your time in finland?

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