1. Didn't receive such a message yet, using ptcl flash fiber DHA Karachi, network slow hai still using vpn

  2. But all my life I have been taught to never buy xeon chips since they are made for mining and has terrible gaming performance.

  3. I myself just bought an i7 4790 equivalent Xeon for just 7500 Rs., less than half the cost of an actual i7 4790 , it's an e3 1241 V3 and is in fact a little newer and has more features compared to the i7 4790

  4. It cant have more/newer features than a 4790 since theyre both haswell and exactly the same thing except the IGpu and clock speed difference, im running a 4790 at 4ghz on all cores, whereas the 1241v3 maxes at 3.9 and lacks an igpu. But yes it costs half the money and is the same thing.

  5. Yeah Ur right only real difference is no igpu and ECC memory support on that Xeon but u can find a 1245 V3 or 1246 V3 which do have igpus that can be had for the same price, sadly there's a shortage right now and I wasn't able to get one of those got the budget to change my mobo and cpu too late

  6. A scam is also widespread these days. If you show interest in a product they insist on money transfer first, then don't send you any product

  7. Yeah really infuriating tbh, I just stopped getting the bol and jeeto Pakistan 1 tola sona calls and messages a while ago now this, pata Nahi Kaha se number mil jata hai inn saalon ko

  8. Yeah, even with tax exemptions, that price is ridiculously low which means that it’s a scam

  9. Is there any way to report this stuff in a way that might have an impact? I'm sure they've made a business out of this

  10. Is that just for tomorrow? My friend says it's just tomorrow. Man if they move up the whole schedule that would be a pain

  11. Just tomorrow, uss k baad Ka Nahi pata but the way things are going and getting worse by the hour they'll prbly be cancelled too

  12. Buddy, I will say this nicely, please do not just go to a sub and ask people to kill themselves. That's not nice and you know.. Karma is a bitch.

  13. Absolutely, 100$ a month is above the average monthly salary in my country and as a student it's pretty decent for me personally, I can more than take care of all my personal expenses and have a fair bit left over

  14. Landing page I get paid 0.193 and I make sure to maintain that plus classify keyword relevance and is the ad relevant to the query those in a good day can give you around $20, uhrs tasks I concentrate on Ad relevance and Ad relevance to the Web page and crowd spam labelling I make at least $30 a day on uhrs only and it takes around 15 hours a day for me

  15. It was difficult during the start but I got a hold of it within a month. It might be because I found LaTex a lot interesting :)

  16. Huh okay, I might give it another go later on but I've read it's become very dry recently, you think it's still possible to make a 100 bucks working 2 hrs every day in a month as a beginner or no?

  17. For a beginner... Nope But there's still hope, because recently they started multiple part question wherein u have to solve the different parts under a single question and earn anywhere from $1.3(for elementary) to $9.99 (algebra) for a single task. Even though this is a great opportunity... A lot of these tasks are missing info. If photomath can handle this situation then earnings can sky rocket.

  18. For basic diagnostic, use memtest86 to test ram, if you have gpu remove it and use integrated graphics, remove all drives except the one where you are trying to install windows.

  19. I will try removing all the drives then and booting, else try to reinstall windows

  20. If it is disk, it would fit symptoms, windows is writing to the disk during shutdown, and if it tried to write to damaged block/sector it would be shown after powering computer again.

  21. Turns out the motherboard was bad, I tested each and every component one by one, even just the mobo with the CPU(igpu) installed, stress tested the rams, kept a single SSD installed

  22. Still running 16 gigs 1600 MHz ddr3 c11, if there is a bottleneck I can't tell, I haven't run out of ram in any game except the last of us that too seems to have gotten better with patches and CPU and GPU can still be fully utilized so..

  23. Thats what runs the world now a days i am just trying to pay it forward a random pakistani on valo sent this to me as eidi yesterday

  24. Hmein de do uss ko Nahi chahiye to, naya headset Lena hai :p

  25. Performance is similar enough, neither have an upgrade path anyway, he was on a super tight budget, the Xeon is about 2 - 4k cheaper, both will last him through 4 years of university pretty comfortably and for basic gaming too.

  26. How much did the 1270v3 cost u? Im thinking of buying it or the 1271 v3 soon, currently using 40v2

  27. I've checked OLX and there isn't a single 1660 for 35k. Should I check the market?

  28. Realistically it's more likely at about 38-39k, I did find a guy willing to sell me a gaming x 1660 14 months used no warranty on olx for 37k but ended up going with the 5500xt for 34k which isn't too far below in performance

  29. Uhh personally I wouldn't go for older amd cards, a lot of people have complained about buying older amd cards then they fail a month or 2 later and they end up loosing all their hard earned money cus they've been heavily used in mining, especially cards at 4 gigs or above , their vrms and memory controllers are just fked and the vram chips end up failing usually

  30. You can get a 590 for about 33k. That's offcourse off used online market

  31. Better to go with a 5500xt 32-34k, much newer, half the power consumption, better temps and performs either the same or slightly better in some games

  32. A friend of mine went to Lahore about a month ago and visited lums, he said he saw couples openly having sex and making out, in the field, next to the canteen, under trees, even when teachers were nearby, I didn't believe him at first but he seemed pretty adamant about it

  33. Also keep in mind ps5 games are pretty expensive so is the subscription to play online people don't consider this when buying one... Ive come across some people who bought a ps5 and decided to sell it just a few months later to get a ps4 or something else because they couldn't play much and the games were too expensive

  34. Computer engineering is a degree offered by nust which deals with computer hardware, building and some programming. Air university on the other hand offers a bachelor's in Gaming. Goddam gaming. And finally if u want to go generic Cs/software-engineering/artificial intelligence, fast is the way to go. Except don't go to fast. Just don't. Plz. Fuckking plzzzz.

  35. Please elaborate on why the aversion to fast?? Genuinely curious

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