1. Chicken is a premium topping and costs more. Also takes up more "space" in the mix and match special ie that pizza is getting 3 toppings jnstead of 2 because of chicken and ham

  2. There's nothing premium about it☠️ that's just an advertising tactic. It's the BBQ sauce that makes it more expensive, because it counts as an additional topping.

  3. Not at all stores. Mine doesn't charge for sauces if you're swapping original for something else. But chicken Philly and extra cheese do cost extra

  4. I believe it does. I've only read the first book and a half. It's a great series though. Wish we could get the 2nd and onward audiobooks

  5. I think the common fanon is being able to track your magical blood back so far with no nonmagical marriages.

  6. They can be lazy about cleaning some of the trays. I swear sometimes they just grab cover trays off the stacks of returns

  7. I always wondered how they cleaned them. I was thinking it was some sort of high pressure dishwasher.

  8. Majority of the standards are suggested by OA and regional leaders. Most of which have worked in stores, owned stores; or in the case of OA, managed/owned 5 star stores. You’re out of your depth here.

  9. And how long has it been since those assholes have worked in a store that wasn't fully staffed with at least half of that staff having worked there for longer than a few months? Just because they did it once doesn't mean they know what it's like now. That's why we get dumb shit forced on us like pointless new menu items that will only hang around a short time and yea boost sales a little but then cost money in wasted for because people stop ordering them after the new specials for them end. Or pointless changes like cutting edge, load and go or curbside pick up. So no fuck corporate and fuck their belief that I need to make a pizza in 30 seconds.

  10. Dude Jesus do you want to talk to somebody? Like all I see here is rage. Who hurt you?

  11. You haven't worked in food service long have you.

  12. Their choice, so every elf should be offered clothing then correct? They can choose to not take them. And by law elves should be able to go to someone to have their owners arrested if they abuse them right? Have every right humans have? Including pay?

  13. Sure if that's what they want. And that's been explored in fanfiction. But that also doesn't fix the canon issues of why the bond exists or for what reason. Again I point out that you can write fanfiction that explores the house elf bond more deeply in accordance with your views on it. But don't get mad when people disagree with said views. As I've already pointed out I choose to believe it's necessary because they need the bond to survive and dobby was merely able to live for years after being freed because he spent most of that time at hogwarts and surviving on yhe magic there but was weaker because he didn't have a direct bond. That's my choice. It's up to you to choose what you want tk believe

  14. I mean, people choose to believe the other way because they fetishize slavery and refuse to acknowledge it. Like you are. Your preferred world is one in which house elves HAVE to be slaves with no choice and could never ever not be a slave else they literally wither away and die. So no I don't have to respect that? You even need to literally twist canon to make it vaguely make sense. Again canon doesn't say they need it, or hint to it, you choose to belive an invented thing that they need it. Also if you do literally any reading at all about the abolition of slavery in the real world you would learn about how there were folks who got indoctrinated into thinking this was the best way for themselves and had to be educated into why they should be paid and free. Unless you think we shouldn't have done that either?

  15. I don't actually give two shits about house elves. It's fiction. You obviously just want to attack people who believe differently than you. As I see further discussion would be pointless I'm going to end it.

  16. Harry Potter and the rune stone path has Harry that's obsessed with ancient runes. To the point he thinks wanted magic is pointless. It's a good fic, but while I don't care, some hate harems, so I guess I should point out that this is a harry/multi story

  17. It's really not needed most of the time. More useful in solo content. Focus on damage and use very raise you bring back the healer if they fall. Shouldn't ever need ver cure in a dungeon

  18. Following cause I love harry/fleur. Also think I might have read it but also can't remember the name

  19. Some of those sound familiar and Dorothea green grass is one of the better haphne writers I've read. I'll give em a look thanks

  20. I mean the fact there seems to be no issue with Diagon Alley so you either need insane amounts of magic to stop electronics for working, or it could be something with Hogwarts defences that makes them unstable.

  21. That's what I go with. The combination of ancient wards around hogwarts plus all the magic that's been there for centuries has sunk into the castle and grounds that its a part of everything and impedes tech. But a lot of time people think it's all magic effects tech or it's just a lie to separate the muggleborns from their families or something

  22. True both counts. In the dresden verse though it makes sense but we have canonical evidence in HP and it's only ever stated that tech doesn't work around hogwarts specifically not all magic. It annoys me lol

  23. Ya know I'm looking for a career change. Think they could use a full time milker?

  24. Can someone explain to me how Harry and hairy are supposed to sound anything like each other?

  25. Not that precisely but in lucky harry he does hate the goblins. To the point he takes extreme action against them later in the story but it's not a major plot point

  26. You can get them through your pay app. Assuming your franchise uses ado like mine. Otherwise they'll probably be mailed out around the end of the month

  27. Is this the one where Umbridge turns out to be a good person and is an anti-Fudge at the same time?

  28. I don't usually read haphne, but for this prompt, I'd absolutely dig it

  29. Daphne is in my top 3 fanon ships. With fleur and Susan bones

  30. And that's how we got isekai smartphone lol

  31. Kinda reminds me of a couple tines in fanfics where a slight change messup the ritual. Either harry tries to stop wormtail and he claims he has no choice(its no longer willingly sacrificed) or harry shouts as soon as wormtail cuts him(I willingly give my blood for this purpose. Though my favorite is when harry gets sent back in time to just before he touches the cup. Knocks out Cedric and collects some acromantula blood and places the bag right where wormtail cuts him so voldy gets that instead of harrys blood. Brings back a half man half spider monster lol

  32. How is Voldyspider any better than resurrecting Voldyman? 😂

  33. Well for one his pureblood army wouldn't follow a dangerous freak like that

  34. The Forgotten Contract by James Spookie

  35. I've read contract. It's amazing. I'll give the other one a shot. Thankss

  36. Hiding is plain sight is one of my favorite crack fics.

  37. Fem!harry stories are something of a guilty pleasure I'll admit

  38. I honestly don't know about great character since Alenko wasted so much potential with her but would gladly choose her over Raphtalia.

  39. I definitely wouldn't choose her over anyone. She can't be trusted. Even if she is hot

  40. After years of fighting hork bajir taxxons and other controllers a supposed a car wasn't much of a challenge for Tobias

  41. Yea still don't know how I feel about the monks pseudo madra system or whatever it's called. I thought it was pretty good lre endwalker

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