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  1. I was awestruck... Filled with unbelief that the guy actually showed up in the attack chopper to help us... Fucking hell he has been holding a high place in my heart since then

  2. The self-proclaimed "baba" asked him to touch the thing he gave to his own forehead, but in a fit of confusion, he touched it to the baba's forehead instead. To which he asked, till what grade have you studied? Implying that he is dumb.. The man didn't like that and probably had his ego hurt and you can see for yourself the rest that unfolds.

  3. It's sad... When sf3 was released I was excited but nah, wasn't it

  4. Boht maze kara karte the bhai really (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)

  5. Ha yrr.... Sbke alag alag memories h but game same h

  6. Atleast M16 ain't a fucking ammo dump that bizon is....

  7. What's the point of revealing her face for such a petty ragging activity.... Bas bahana chahiye snowflakes kahike

  8. Nope it's semi auto aka every trigger pull or in thus case every time you press the fire button, one bullet comes out.

  9. Yeah that's what I meant... I thought u said it's full auto... Mb

  10. If you hold down the fire button and it keeps shooting its full auto. That's what happens with the Odin. It may not be like 900 rpm fast but full auto is full auto.

  11. If you turn on hit number in setting you can see when it happens. I have it turned on and sometimes it will show "immune" when I shot at a player even when they don't have armor shield as their operator skill. Very annoying.

  12. No....first pic u r looking a Lil downwards than the second one ...🤦🏻‍♂️

  13. What is this? What's it about? I randomly joined the sub n the ain't anything I usually would play, but this sub n game looks interesting....

  14. Try moistening them, perhaps wetting them would help

  15. It could perhaps work if you only got wanted if you sped past a policecar.

  16. He does not want No dismemberment. That means he wants dismemberment

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