Wildlife rescuers save a deer that was tangled up

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Putin's Key Man in the Artic Found Dead After Falling Overboard

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  1. I’m wondering the same thing. We live in AZ so it still feels like summer here and my guy is chilling business as usual.

  2. My guy is about 11 and has never brumated. And I live in NY

  3. Next time make a corn flour roux to thicken the sauce right at the end, it'll help keep the fat (and all the flavor its carrying) in suspension.

  4. Can you explain what this means? I’ve never heard of this before

  5. Thank you for taking the time to write all this out and for all this helpful info!! I didn’t know that about the ears. And I can tell she’s already getting bigger the few short days I’ve had her! 😫 And by the size of her paws and legs, she’s gonna be a big girl.

  6. Photos dude. You will never have another dog like this one. And they grow so fast. They are so special and become an attachment of yourself. I probably have 2000 pictures and I still wish I took more.

  7. This seems like the way to go, wish my grandma was still around so I didn’t have to play seamstress!

  8. Damn that was pretty simple. I don’t even have the bag though, so I wouldn’t be able to follow it as easily as he did. Very helpful, thank you!

  9. they say this is only a mild start. florida will be sunken they say

  10. I wish I could go back and listen to all this for the first time.

  11. Coming from someone who has driven 1000s of miles in Europe: we would greatly benefit from traffic circles. The problem is no one on Long Island or the rest of the United States seems to know how to use them unfortunately. Just take a drive to the Jones Beach Pencil

  12. This is a lot more prevalent on LI as we do not have many so people are generally unfamiliar with them. Should be a part of the driving exam.

  13. Hah, NRA proudly displayed on the front with “440 China” etched on the back has GOT to be the perfect metaphor.

  14. Usually they empty the campers box of crap before selling it. Regardless, looks like a good knife to toss in a tackle or glove box.

  15. Not this time! Thing was fully equipped they left all their shit in there. I could’ve went straight camping right when I picked it up

  16. Same thing happens to me. With apples and plums too. Probably an allergy but I haven’t died yet so who gives?

  17. Waffle house isn't a diner though. The menu isn't big enough.

  18. If you can't get clams oregetano, avgolemono soup, pancakes, eggs, and bacon, meatloaf, or lasagna all at the same time of day, it's not a diner.

  19. I’m visiting NYC rn and man this has me feeling kinda home sick! Spot on!

  20. At least half expected him to get tangled up again immediately.

  21. Here’s a hack. Works on a lot of paywall articles. Open it up on your phone and hit the “Reader View” before it prompts you to login or whatever. Doesn’t always work but a lot of times it pulls up the whole article, bypassing paywalls. Worked for me on this article.

  22. Also on I phone if you hit the x in the top right corner it will bypass paywalls

  23. It is specifically referring to the Vietnam War, but the reason for the confusion you might be having is this is ultimately the motive of every war post 1800 except for the Civil War and World War II. There's an excellent book written by multiple medal of honor winner, Smedley Butler, that talks in detail about exactly this. It's called War is a Racket and while it was written back in the 1920s/30s it still very much applies today what with the real goal of armed conflict being to make arms manufacturers like Boeing and Lockheed Martin (and the politicians they pay off) an infinite supply of money.

  24. Also why I like 3 the most. We need more games set in this time period

  25. Lew's makes really nice budget gear. I'm about to head to Walmart after work to see if they're on sale there too.

  26. I was there yesterday looking at some crankbaits and they were still full price. I didn't bother to look at rod and reel combos. I'm hoping I can find that same Lew's combo for $20 lol

  27. Might depend on your area and when they start to change ‘seasons’ in the store. Worth checking back again over the next couple weeks too

  28. I like the cold better than the heat. I am probably out more in the winter honesty

  29. You will need to replace the Sink and possibly the countertop. If ends up being really bad? You will also need to replace the refrigerator

  30. Kind of a cool story about the types of people that most kayakers tend to be.

  31. I find people like supporting others with the same hobbies, and I bet it made his day to be able to be the hero in yours.

  32. Mom not only decides to not check grandma, she takes the switch out of dead grandmas hand after she breaks the other one on the kid!

  33. Do you have a link of this scene? I couldn't find it on YouTube.

  34. It’s not a scene iirc. It happens throughout the movie.

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