1. I have diabetic neuropathy. Gabapentin is amazing for that, and nerve pain in general. I only recently developed it and haven't had phenibut for a few years now so I don't know how it would work on that.

  2. Weed - its just the best. One of the only drugs you can regularly have a good time with, without it damaging your health/mental wellbeing.

  3. From what I've read caffeine is actually used by more people around the world. So, I would say that is humanities drug of choice, nicotine and alcohol are close seconds.

  4. Sorry, I spend time on LinkedIn and used to work in corporate.

  5. LinkedIn is the worst thing created in a long time. Everyone is Confucius there and competing on who has the highest soap box.

  6. Yep, it is bad. I basically just maintain my profile there so I have a list of my jobs and their start and end dates. I occasionally reach out to network but not very often.

  7. No bro, it can repress yur breathing and you will die. If you don't die you will end up shoplifting from Walmart and spend life in prison.

  8. Congrats on getting sober, it isn't easy. I'm currently in treatment myself for alcoholism.

  9. I knew a guy that made close to six figures. He would smoke his entire paycheck in a weekend. He lived in a homeless shelter and showered at the gym in his office. If success is defined by how much money you make, then I guess he was successful.

  10. I'm not sure how well it would work for you, but baclofen could be a viable alternative. It is a prescription drug and an analog of phenibut. I was on it for years for alcohol craving, it also kept me off phenibut for a long time. It is not recreational like phenibut though.

  11. If you want to take 600mg instead of 300mg while staggering it's up to you. It may be somewhat of a waste bioavailabilty wise, but if you're taking more in the same time frame you will have more gabapentin in your blood regardless. Sometimes I will begin with a 600 then do 300s to get it going quicker. It's up to you. But personally I stick to 300mg every 30 minutes but I prefer like 150-200mg or so every 15-20 min or so, nibbling on 800mg tablets.

  12. Thanks for the reply. That all makes sense. I like the idea of starting with 600mg and then switching to 300mg, I might switch it up and try that.

  13. Try mixing the powder in some pudding or applesauce.

  14. They work on different receptors so I don't think it will work. Alcohol and benzos are pretty much interchangeable though.

  15. Pain. My whole body hurts and I just want to sit down or curl up and die.

  16. I like to describe gabapentin withdrawal as like when you’re under water and your brain is sending signals to rise up above the water to get some oxygen other you’re dying.

  17. My gabapentin withdrawals actually physically hurt. Like my body doesn't want to move and there is pain everywhere. I just want to lay in bed or a soft chair. So, more physical for me.

  18. I hope you find solutions in the near future! Do some praying…it can’t hurt. ❤️

  19. I was taken off baclofen not long after posting that and haven't taken phenibut in about six months. I did relapse on alcohol for a short time, but caught it and put myself in inpatient treatment. I'm now doing outpatient and doing well overall.

  20. How's valium plus Clonazepam plus caffeine!

  21. Haven't thrown Valium into the mix, just kpin and coffee. I imagine it would feel good though. I've only had Valium in the hospital when detoxing from alcohol.

  22. Sorry bro. It’s just stating the fucking obvious. It’s fucking obvious that Xanax or Klonopin or any other benzo mix with coffee on a chill morning with maybe even a Doobie to add is just the tits. I don’t know if you were just trying to make conversation because you’re buzzed, but I’m just sick of the fucking obvious blah.

  23. Yeah, I was pretty buzzed when I posted that. I think I was just looking for conversation as well.

  24. The ones I've been to have all done Valium tapers. I was in for alcohol each time.

  25. It used to be crippling. I got over much of it with exposure therapy using small amounts of alcohol to keep the anxiety down while I practiced. I've also done the following...

  26. Coming up with the perfect comeback in your head long after the other person left.

  27. If you want my comeback you can go lick it off your mothers chin.

  28. So it acts on histamine receptors. It's an H3 antagonist. I doubt there is much known about it. I can only imagine it is stimulating in the way that antihistamines are sedating. It sounds like it would be interesting to try, but I would be pissed at my insurance for denying GHB, a proven drug for what wakix is supposed to treat. I know why they are doing it though.

  29. It sounds more like you avoided being raped (or some other terrible thing).

  30. It's an analog of alprazolam with a little longer half-life I could go like 14 hours between doses without withdrawal I'd say 6mg bromazolam is 4-5mg kpin

  31. That doesn't sound so bad. I'm currently on 3mg of kpin and 1500mg of gabapentin; I'm playing Project Cars 2 and winning every race, so not really impaired but I feel good.

  32. I would definitely switch. The longer acting the better in my opinion. I actually started out on Ativan and then moved to kpin since it is more potent and has a longer half life.

  33. I don't see why you couldn't stagger the 600mg ones. I think the 300mg capsules are the most popularly prescribed and so that is why most people just say 300. Sure, you are wasting slightly more of the drug due to lower bioavailability at the higher dose but I imagine if you are staggering you will still eventually get high.

  34. They will absorb, it will just be a lower percentage of the overall dose that will absorb. I don't know if you would have to space them out further at the 600mg dose in order to prevent saturation of the transporter or not. That is a good question.

  35. Yeah I’m addicted to weed and have been for years. Just heavily emotionally dependent on it. Last night I was abusing tf outta gaba, and that’s what led to this. I took probably 2100mg I’ve only been on it for a week (600mg a day) and have almost no tolerance. I’m just gonna stay away from it honestly until I get a benzo script or something. There’s no point in me just taking this everyday and feeling no anxiety relief from the 600mg dose. Gonna have to speak to the psychiatrist

  36. They once gave me the bottle it comes in from the manufacturer. I forgot how many capsules were in there, I think it was 500-1000. I was on 900mg x3 daily.

  37. I would assume it has absorbed after two hours. I would wait another two hours before redosing, as you know, it takes awhile to kick in.

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