1. I actually don't know, I bought it from a dealer back when I lived in Saudi Arabia. In hindsight it was probably moonshine but I'm still not sure.

  2. This is more of a cultural thing but overt friendliness on a first encounter. I know the intent is to be nice but it comes off as creepy.

  3. Wait you guys actually don't have election day off? Wtf.

  4. Is the difference between Brazilian Portuguese and Portugal Portugese comparable to the difference between British English and American English?

  5. Lebanon. Each summer I go back, and every person I sit down with wants to convince me to move back for good. I'm sorry I don't want to live off 3 hours of electricity a day with 200% + yearly inflation and no job prospects for anyone who's not willing to pay dirty money under the table. And we still haven't gotten to the me being gay factor which doesn't exactly make things easier.

  6. My village had two brother "sheikhs" back in the early 20th century. "Sheikh" was an ottoman honorific title with consultative and reconciliationary power, at least in small villages like mine.

  7. Realising I myself don't think that much about other people so it must be the same the other way around.

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