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  1. What is your particular area of study (i.e Nebulae, Star systems, Pulsars?!?)and what do you think is in a black hole?

  2. I do transient radio astronomy- things that change in the radio sky instead of being constant- which means I am an expert at a tool to study many different things. Lately a lot of that has focused on Tidal Disruption Events (TDEs, when a black hole shreds a star that wanders too close), and looking for natural radio emission from exoplanets, but I have also studied supernovae (Type Ia, SN 1987A), Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs), and even acted as a "black hole consultant" for colleagues looking to verify emission from a potential black hole! I rather like this- being an expert at a technique and applying it to many different problems- because it keeps things fresh and interesting. :)

  3. I write Python code, SQL and create Tableau dashboards using health EMR and insurance claima data for work. I’m starting to venture into machine learning using Python as a side hobby. Do you know of any free astronomy related data sources or are they predominantly private/ behind a pay wall? Are people with my data skills common in astronomy work/research?

  4. Hah- this is kind of like how long is a piece of string. Basically all astro data is public at some point, because it is publicly funded, so the real question I should be asking you is what sort of data you are interested in! For example, if you're interested in something like data from a specific telescope, they all have various relevant archives. If you want to do something with survey images,

  5. Contact, without question. I saw that movie when I was a teenager and thought Ellie Arroway was the coolest person ever, and I wanted to be her when I grew up. Today, I’m a radio astronomer (and did a summer at the SETI institute some years ago!), so yeah, it’ll always be my favorite!

  6. 👏🏼READ👏🏼THE👏🏼BOOK👏🏼

  7. I did! Great book! But OP asked about movies! 😜

  8. They 100% don't care about the fact that you work abroad- what they will care about is the papers you write, and the letters of rec you have. As such, doing good work abroad with someone known in the field is definitely an asset for your future goal, but it's not the abroad part that matters over just having more, good people to write letters/ hopefully do a more diverse paper.

  9. It certainly happens, particularly in smaller countries and for people with personal reasons to do so. It’s not a red flag but I would definitely make it a goal for my postdoc to write papers as soon as possible without my previous advisers on them.

  10. It’s also just not accurate. In my field in Europe they definitely look at things like prior research experience and letters of recommendation for PhD programs, not just grades.

  11. These are names posted by a random user, not officially used ones. Technically you can do the same!

  12. Damn. Some people choose to spend their precious hours on this planet in the strangest ways.

  13. I was going to say sending her to jail for 2 days sounds fucked up and unnecessary but if she was like "nah lemme get this flight in 2 days instead" i don't know what she thought was going to happen. Like they'd just let her roam around the airport and trust she wouldn't escape?

  14. Apparently, yes, OP says in comments she assumed she would wait in the departures area.

  15. That wouldn't even be possible in US airports since we have no concept of an "international departures" area, nothing would prevent her from leaving the airport.

  16. I know that, apparently OP/ the girlfriend didn’t know that!

  17. Not to make justification or go into a detailed explanation but, consideration for others safety isn't likely a top priority of a suicidal person's agenda as they're intending to zoot themselves off a five story parking garage.

  18. The interesting thing here is it’s actually very dependent on gender. What you said applies to men, they tend to commit suicide in more public ways, but women suicide attempts are much more correlated with only hurting yourself and not others (like taking pills or cutting).

  19. This is pretty common knowledge, but since you’re too lazy to just type for yourself “women vs men suicide methods” into google here’s the first hit:

  20. I went there once in high school. One of those inexplicable days where it hit 70 in like March so I remember my dad skied in shorts!

  21. Everyone went to Sunapee instead. It was packed today

  22. Yep we were at Gunstock and it was sold out. Think most people stayed further south.

  23. Blegh. On the bug-bed infested mattress? How good can it possibly be?

  24. Objectively, yes. But there’s a high chance a 19 year old doesn’t have much to compare to.

  25. Aside from all of the great comments to not stop until the ink is dry, be leery of someone who is demanding you to make a decision asap. Ask for details in writing and take your time to think. Not forever, but give yourself at least a few days.

  26. 100% agree with this. I feel anyone demanding an immediate acceptance would be problematic in other ways when it comes to expectations.

  27. This is so interesting because i left Helsinki this morning with the distinct impression that i should warn other people not to go.

  28. Hah well as someone going to Finland for work in March, I’m super excited now. 🙃

  29. Don't worry this guy apparently believes that everything is made for him, I have lived in the Nordic countries for 25 years and can tell you that you will be just fine.

  30. Haha I’m not super worried- I’m actually going to Tampere for a conference I was invited to speak at, so it’d be weird if they invite you and aren’t friendly! Then plan was to then check out Helsinki for the weekend.

  31. Hah yes, the cat is a celebrity if you ever go up the auto road. They even sell stuffies of him at the gift shop.

  32. Surprised parts of upper Alaska haven’t hit the record before. That’s crazy!

  33. Mt Washington sets records not because it’s always the most extreme spot, but it is in terms of humans witnessing it (or at least a weather station recording it!).

  34. I guarantee she did not memorize the names of 100 Senators.

  35. I somehow assumed that meant for her state. Tons of people don’t know that much.

  36. Hah I’ll see what the editor can do! Now to wonder if that typo made the print edition…

  37. The ultimate snowflakes. They don't understand the meaning nor do they know how to spell p-r-o-j--e-c-t-i-o-n. Freedum for me make decisions on what other people do with their lives. Assholes. All of them.

  38. I have conservative relatives who always insist they vote Republican because Democrats want to make us “less free.” Meanwhile, there is only one party that has literally taken away my rights in my life and made me less free, and it sure wasn’t the Democrats.

  39. Self drafted 😱 Would you be interested in selling a pdf of the pattern? This is my favorite painting of all time 😍

  40. FWIW, lots of great options if you want to do this. I got mine as a DMC kit from the National Gallery in London for example.

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