1. I’d like to watch him do a ranked arenas to pred tbh maybe shoot for one session masters idk if that’s possible

  2. If I'm remembering right, Dezign recently got close to arenas Pred + ranked trios Pred in one stream, so yeah I think there's no question it is doable.

  3. I think a lot of people are missing the fact that Bills letter at the end of the episode is a HUGE progression point within the story. If Joel doesn’t hear what the letter says, there is not enough drive to continue his journey with Ellie.

  4. Episode 2 showed us Tess motivating Joel to see the Ellie mission through, so the letter also serving that purpose feels redundant. Then, if I'm remembering the show's teasers correctly, we're still gonna get the "on mighty thin ice" scene to

  5. Yeah shit, Poland would have been a great choice. Katowice is really cool, and they have a big esports arena. IEM Katowice starts the 10th of Feb, so no overlap with the Apex event.

  6. Events like this need to have setup and teardown of the stage and other broadcast elements in the days before/after match days. If that's the case here, there may be overlap with the event you're talking about.

  7. I’ve never played the games, why will part 2 be harder?

  8. To add on to the comments about the challenging themes in Pt 2's story, the second game presents structural challenges for this adaptation. The game puts players in more than one character's POV, and the story unfolds across the span of a few days (not to mention the flashbacks)... where the POVs and timeline are NOT most effectively depicted in chronological order. The first game is easily adapted chapter-by-chapter, the second game is much more "what do we show the viewers, when do we show it, and do those answers work well in line with the everything else being shown??" If you attempt to follow the game's structure across 2-3 seasons, you run the risk of leaving major characters on the sidelines for too long.... (the game released 'story complete,' we were able to see the story through as quickly as we wanted to play through the 25-30 hours; but 2-3 seasons of HBO tv will take like 3-5 years to release.)

  9. Sure thing. The show is co-created by one of the game's two creators, so it's in the right hands - there shouldn't be any weird dips in quality the way Game of Thrones went when they ran out of source material, for example.

  10. I was not prepared for that. I just finished the first episode and I'm nearly in tears. That was fucking awesome

  11. Haha nice. Yeah the first 15 minutes of The Last of Us (which is like the first 35 mins or something in the show) was basically an instant classic when it released in 2013.

  12. Genuine question, the fans wanted Lampard sacked but who do the want to take over?

  13. Dyche was named in a lot of convos that I lurked.

  14. I liked the "Nathan 'Nate' Nguyen" bit, personally.

  15. When I’ve played and casted events I’ve been listed as Tom “Tom” Bull hahaha - it’s a really weird industry standard sometimes!!!

  16. Then has anyone hit you with the Tom "Tom Bull" Bull??

  17. Super valid point. A show like Cosby gets removed from streaming/reruns, and a ton of people not involved in his wrongdoing lose a significant part of their income going forward. That’s a really interesting consideration that doesn’t necessarily appear in a lot of other industries.

  18. re: other industries, I think something like this is about to happen with the new Harry Potter game. Based on the IP + genre, it should be a massive success. But Rowling is despicable to the point of fueling boycotts (and the same can be said for at least one of the directors...? of this new game, from what I've heard), so Hogwarts Legacy will likely fall short of sales and review score expectations - which may negatively affect some of the hundreds of nice, normal people who worked on the project.

  19. im not shitting on Gears at all, but it always reminds of a game you would see being played in the background of a movie that a kid is playing lol

  20. Ya know, it WAS that game in Live Free or Die Hard.

  21. yeah, and if their in-game characters speak, it'll likely be by way of voice actors. granted, the first game had some famous faces voiced by their real people, some voiced by sound-alikes - could go either way....

  22. Yep. I wish more studios would look at GOW and GOW:R. Lots of side content, but never got stale and repetitive.

  23. It's so odd how different things can be subjectively. I shelved Ragnarok because of how stale and repetitive I found it. I was all-in on the characters, story, etc. Good stuff. But deep enough into the game I grew tired of puzzle doors and filler combat encounters.

  24. I’m more of a The Leftovers Season 1 opening sequence guy but the Season 2 one is so god damn good too.

  25. Most of Gaspar Noe and Lars von Trier's films I would think

  26. Yeah, Melancholia was the first thing to come to my mind.

  27. The business model is not yet mature enough. They should apply pressure on video games publishers to get their share of the pie. Otherwise they will just get the crumbles

  28. What are you referring to with "video games editors"? I can't figure that one out.

  29. Concensus might be one of Messi, Haaland, Mbappe, Benzema... a million other people could better answer your question than me, but no one replied to you yet as of me typing this, so there ya go.

  30. 🤚In Redmond, fianceé and I both had a cold/flu thing a few weeks ago.

  31. Dortmund. I've got German heritage, and when I decided to start following a club or two (instead of just playing and fuckin around with FIFA), some tv play-by-play guy said something in the spirit of "do yourself a favor and watch that Marco Reus guy." Been all-in on Dortmund ever since.

  32. "This group of players can't fight and have shown it"

  33. 8 of the starting 11 have been around for a long while now, if I'm not mistaken (I could be mistaken).

  34. Thanks I know this part, but what is an expedition? Just a mission? Or some challenge scenario? Why does it require a new save, and a time limit?

  35. It's kinda like a quick start/fast forwarded adventure through No Man's Sky. Each expedition lays out a bunch of objectives for you to complete, some of them are interconnected, and you get misc rewards (for this Expedition save file and sometimes for any save file you make).

  36. Everybody makes fun of Kojima and the "strand type game" but to paraphrase him it is definitely a "vibes type game". If you're the type of person to like its vibe there's no other game like it. I don't know about favorite of all time but its in my top 3 for sure.

  37. A vibe for sure. Around the original release of the game, someone kinda summed up their recommendation with "do you like taking walks in the rain? you'll probably like this game." Vouch.

  38. I was in the market for a few Sounders scarves, bought the black and pink one because, ya know...

  39. I don't get the Troy Baker fan cast at all, I don't see him giving off much creepy old guy energy and im not fond of the idea of having Joel's actor play someone who tried to rape Ellie either

  40. I dunno about "old," but Troy Baker had definite creepy guy energy in Death Stranding.

  41. What strategies? Like genuine since I don't watch their POV and only see them at the bottom of every tournament.

  42. A couple things I've seen is running Lifeline (not sure what the actual strategy was though) and later running Crypto (primarily to counter Seer ultimates in 3v3s).

  43. It really is. Now they don't need to compress the story and can actually expand on it. When I edited TLOU1 into a movie on my channel, I was able to bring it to about 4 hours. So I think a 2.5 hour movie is realistically doable without losing a ton, considering I still had to show a lot of the gameplay, but obviously, a 9 hour series gives them a lot more room to work with.

  44. Doable fo sho. My movie edit is around 2 hours and 35 minutes. Gotta sacrifice some stuff in order to make the realistic run time, but telling the story of Joel and Ellie trying to get to Fireflies HQ in a movie is doable. Having said that, a modern season of tv is perfect for TLOU Part I.

  45. Yeah, some good stuff had to be cut. Like, I'm fond of Bill's Town, but that's not in my movie edit. If my project was about retaining the story as I like it, or whatever, there's no way it'd make it under 3hrs. But my whole objective was to be 2.5 hours or less, sooo....

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