1. He led the assault on the Last City that ended the Red War.

  2. Even a regular human can kill a primarch under the right circumstances.

  3. Where is the "do you feel like a legend" line from?

  4. 4 weeks earlier, I think. Zavala failed to deal with his nightmare. He needed his spirits raised.

  5. She was there for him when he failed to deal with his nightmare.

  6. And a Tyranid appetite. They eat mountains, drink seas and shit...

  7. Very literally, in some cases. Calus makes wine out of them.

  8. Honestly guardians are probably one of the few things that could wipe out almost anything in 40k, if only because they are described as

  9. Crow really does have a fantastic loadout canonically. Hawkmoon and the Radiant Accipiter. We technically should give him Ager's and Black Talon as well

  10. Black talon was made as a funeral gift for Uldren (assumed to have died at Saturn). Back when Uldren was still alive. It was never meant to be his.

  11. Because the Eye of Terror isn’t only exclusive to Slaanesh…

  12. It opened when she was created. And it is purple.

  13. The match ends faster if only one team scores points.

  14. The best known IP that uses that kind of duns is Warhammer 40k. Which is owned by games workshop. Games workshop has a reputation to go after everything remotely similar for copyright infringement. Even when it's obviously not the case.

  15. Oh her ! I've heard some dialog from her when we visit the fallen zone in the last city ruins, cool to see we can finally meet her

  16. Yeah... last season was mainly about Mithrax's past. As a pirate lord.

  17. Me watching Eido cuss out her dad for being a murderer after I spent the last hour and a half vaporizing dregs for a catalyst on a weapon I will never use

  18. It's not the murdering she takes issue with. It's that he didn't involve her, too.

  19. All of them, probably, but he'd probably need hospitalization after each round.

  20. I have exactly zero idea who the bottom two characters are or where they are from, but gonna go on the safe bet cere will protecc me. If Lyons can command the entire US military, that's a different matter

  21. The 'far worse' option is Savathûn. A billions of years old godess of deception and Genocide.

  22. Well, we already know Cere would be the worst at protecting anything....

  23. Who would have no idea about Savathûn's throne world. And no way in, if he did.

  24. Understandable. Didn't end well for Trilla and the younglings, though.

  25. I don't remember if there was a succubus in Blood & Wine, or even a reference to her. Duchess probably found out she was still there and got pissy.

  26. If you delay talking to PaLmerin, you can find him in his tent. He and Geralt catch up and end up talking about her.

  27. He didn't know. Nolan hoped Mark wouldn't have super powers.

  28. Maybe. Doesn't really impact the meme that much.

  29. Something of the sort, anyway. A fur collar would be enough.

  30. So when the exo body was rezzed and it became Felwinter, could rasputin still see through his eyes, or was felwinter a completely different person?

  31. So she is one skull collecting mania away from being Khorne?

  32. No. Khorne hates any and all forms of deceit and trickery. And he is the god of bloodlust and bloodshed, not necessarily war. He feeds best of melee kills.

  33. I still say Khaine and Khorne are two sides of the same khoine.

  34. We as the guardian have had minor victories against the darkness. Nothing major, tho

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