1. Isn't inheritance fun? You can start by looking at the amount of cM's she shares with that person. It could be on the lower end of the relationship, which would wash out by the time it gets to you. There will be other relatives that go the other way, that you share a surprisingly large amount of dna with for the actual relation.

  2. End of life care is going to eat up a ton of that wealth. I think a lot of millennials are going to be pretty disappointed with how much is leftover when their parents croak. I’m not banking on getting much of anything from my parents because I watched my grandfathers estate completely evaporate during the last 10 years of his life. People are living much longer because of modern medicine, but that shit ain’t cheap.

  3. Yes yes yes. And don't know if anyone is paying attention to what's occurring in long-term care places, even just assisted living facilities. This is going to get WAY more expensive as this crisis deepens and not like there's some government intervention that will help, either, when pay/effort/respect problems are baked in to the jobs. My mom is in a "good" (expensive) place and the staff turnover completely exploded post-covid. She's pre-boomer, I am having trouble imagining the implications in the next 20 years.

  4. Piling on the "clickbait" here. A youtuber couple that I watch in an unrelated topic was doing a "should you start a youtube channel, pros and cons" video, and they said that at some point they had to make the purposeful decision to lose potential income on their channel. They noticed that when they started gearing content to make more money, by watching "what people like" in their statistics, they got more and more negative in their content to give people what sold, and it started affecting them as humans. So they just stopped - said the money wasn't worth what it was doing to them.

  5. I agree with everyone above but I just watched a family member sell a 45 year old condo with tons of clutter and shit around and got full $750k with backup offers. Happens to be in a desirable area. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter.

  6. Yeah, have to agree here. We put so much thought into our staging, but we were selling in a market where it was becoming a buyer's market. Moved to our new area, and here there are so few houses in our price range listed that I happily toured actual hoarder houses, that LOOKED like hoarder houses in the listing. Really market dependent.

  7. Something I didn't know we'd need in a buyer's agent (so we got lucky) is that ours shows us homes from all of the counties that intersect in our area. I'm sure that only applies in some places. But I have since seen complaints from other buyers in the area where we're shopping, that they see a place 20 minutes out of town and their realtor can't show it because they don't "do" that county (I don't know the exact phrase for this). We ended up seeing places in 4 different counties, just the way the area is built. This is super area specific but I thought I'd throw it out there since I'm feeling so fortunate just learning that we dodged this bullet!

  8. Well if you're going to include it, at least make the measurements correspond to reality. We were so disappointed to visit a "real contender" recently with those wonderful spacious bedrooms, just look at that floor plan! Combined with the altered-prospective listing photos it was just a weird experience walking through that house (and its small bedrooms, no clue where they got the dimensions for their fantasy floor plan).

  9. Which is why our realtor (we're buying) told us we have a new hobby - once a year going in and protesting the property tax. Shoot, here I was planning on taking up crochet. I think those Amazon crochet hooks are still in the return window . . . wanders off to see what's needed for my new "protesting" hobby

  10. Title insurance was purchased when the property was bought and the mortgage became an encumbrance against the property. It protects against certain types of legitimate claims which were not revealed in the title report, thru error or fraud. Insuring against title theft is a scam because the "insurance" covers nothing. OP, remove lender from additional insureds on the policy when loan is satisfied. Good luck.

  11. Thanks for this, I had no idea I had an issue to research here. Not OP, but we're old (see username) and we sold the old house that was close to being paid off and are buying a new (cheaper) house for cash. I'm assuming at closing we'll be asked if we want title insurance, so now I need to take a deeper dive knowing there's some question about the value of this product.

  12. Okay ! Was just hoping it would be another source for comparing things.

  13. Mine was initially messed up when they rolled out the feature, but around that time I had a bad cold, was in bed, and thought straightening it out would be something amusing to do. I'm glad I did, because once I initially disciplined it, new additions that they make are accurate, plus I've added in dna matches myself. It will never be a replacement for a huge tree elsewhere for sure (for one thing, they have a cap on number of people you enter) but I do actually like and use it for seeing individuals in relation to others in a way that is quite different. I guess the closest experience elsewhere would be ancestry's "thrulines" but that's more narrow. And more easily messed up by errors in other people's trees.

  14. Holy shit. It’s a couple thousand to connect to water and electric here. My agent should have the exact numbers for the area I’m looking at next week. A septic system will be required though which runs 6-10 thousand

  15. Yeah, I just want to highlight a portion of H00bN00b's comment - a conventional septic system costs 6-10 thousand. But if the perc test indicates the need for an aerobic system, you need to price that out and think about that. We had to put in an aerobic system this last spring in the house we sold and it ran $23,000. That wasn't in TX, but we're house hunting here in TX and I'm noticing a lot of properties here that do indeed have aerobic systems.

  16. Our realtor was never there for showings when we were selling our house. There were a few instances where prospective buyers had a question and their realtor just texted ours and asked. As a current buyer/shopper, I would feel kind of uncomfortable with the seller's agent there, like right now I can speak freely with our buyer agent as we go through.

  17. Thank you for sharing your experience. We got one that the carpet was worn but it was only 3yrs old so I had the carpets professionally cleaned. The other was the color of the guest bathroom and laundry room that our realtor offered to hv painted if that was the only issue. I hv not personally seen the feedback but this is what was relayed to me. We’ve pretty much got our house down to bare bones with everything packed up in closets & garage except the very barest of items. We joke its like living in a hotel. But with our realtor’s guidance we packed up all our personal items(bare walls, empty cabinets/drawers) no clutter.

  18. Yeah, this is a super stressful market to be selling in, you have my complete sympathy. I told my husband as we were heading to closing that I felt like we were in line for the last lifeboat off the Titanic (yes, I am overdramatic, I confess it), but we were selling in a bubble market area as prices headed downward.

  19. We went the other way and made our cat litter box beautiful. There are a ton of IKEA hacks on pinterest or just online that are inexpensive ways to disguise a litter box. We got a litter thing off Amazon that looks like a large urn and did decorative painting to make it look like stoneware and added extra faux plants on top.

  20. Right here with you, obsessively refreshing Zillow :(

  21. It's a normal mortgage. The only thing is you'll have to wait until the county officially records you as the owner before the bank can finance you. In my county that takes 60ish days right now. Plenty of time for you to pay back the inlaws.

  22. Can you tell me the purpose of the high earnest money? We're going to be cash buyers and I'm not certain the purpose of this?

  23. Did her regions come out correctly for her known ancestry?

  24. I'd try, although most people don't answer queries on 23andme. You might get lucky though. We did 23andme originally for my husband hoping to get the same - he has the same story as your dad (he even met some half-sisters decades ago but has no memory of their names) and I'd love it if one of those descendants showed up. I'd initially approach it just through the wanting health information angle and be really careful to use neutral language in case he's like "beloved grandpa". Good luck! It would be great to get answers!

  25. No not that I've seen anywhere. That would be cool. My husband and I have both tested. As far as parental inheritance, it just flows upward - the one of our sons that tested has different charts and such regarding what comes from mother or father. Hubby and I connect only in that way, there's no option for connecting one-on-one.

  26. I once rented a room from a woman. Her kitchen floor was 100% some kind of manmade material such as vinyl or composite. I could tell looking at the print, it was… definitely printed to look like woodgrain. She always called it “hardwood floors.” She always bought wood floor cleaner, and said we could not use multi surface cleaner on the floor. She mentioned intending to get them resurfaced and polished at some point. Some people really can’t tell.

  27. This made me giggle - I'm picturing her face when the wood floor refinisher comes out to give her an estimate :)

  28. Are matte black outlet covers the new thing? I love matte black but can't help but feel if I changed my outlet covers to that it would look kind of jarring and draw attention to them more.

  29. We bought these paintable covers that also covered the old ivory plug thingies for every outlet that was visible, and painted them the wall paint color in each room. I was SHOCKED (heh, not literally) at the difference this made, was NOT anticipating that.

  30. For resale, bright crisp white would get the job done. No need to color match because someone buying the house is likely to change the wall colors and will have to replace the covers again at that point if they’re all wall color.

  31. Yeah, bright white works as long as the (I don't know the correct word) circles where the plug goes isn't dingy ivory. The nice part about color matching that I hadn't anticipated is the way it makes the outlets visually just disappear. If the walls are white, well there ya go, the covers match.

  32. You can use initials, not even your real ones. Your relatives will see the relationship. So if I'm your biological aunt, I won't get a notification about your matching as an individual. Once a month, there's an email that says something like, "AncientLady, you have 14 new relatives!".

  33. Our buyers signed this last Wednesday 12/14 and it was recorded yesterday 12/15. We had our money all deposited in our account yesterday morning, several hours before our realtor got the phone call that it was officially recorded. I was surprised it was so instant!

  34. It probably was the way I explained so I’ll go into a little more detail on that. We are extending the inspection period until we can get to the bottom of it. The seller did explain the general location but our inspector poked for at least a good 30 minutes and could not locate it. The house was built in 1960 and for all we know, there is no record of it being replaced. Although we did run the water in the house for a long time and there was no backup but we are considering having the seller pay for a company that specializes in septics to come out and do a more thorough search.

  35. Running water for a long time tells you very little. We had to completely replace our entire septic system (including brand new leach field) this spring which cost in the neighborhood of $23,000 and that's not counting the cost of housing our family elsewhere for >2 months (it takes a long time for all of the county inspections, etc) and then completely re-landscaping our front yard which was left a moonscape of dirt and rocks.

  36. I had one where the Seller was getting a divorce. Husband and wife had agreed to split the sale of the property 50/50, but it wasn't in writing or anything. Day of closing comes and the husband insists that ALL proceeds go into a joint account and wife insists that 50% of the proceeds go into her personal account. Since escrow can't hold proceeds afyer closing, the matter had to be resolved before closing. Lawyers got involved, closing was delayed, and my clients were (undersatably) pissed.

  37. Oh my gosh this happened to us years back - we physically went in to the title office (we were the buyers) to sign closing and the parking lot was full of police cars, our sellers were in an acrimonious divorce and it was the (violent) husband's turn to sign papers right before ours. Obviously they couldn't tell us exactly what went on, but they rescheduled our signing and closed the office for the rest of the afternoon, so there's that, yikes.

  38. My agent scolded me when I had a pumpkin on my porch (when I listed in Oct/Nov) because if the house sits on the market, holiday decor makes it look even more dated.

  39. This. We're about to close this week on the sale of our house, but I was noticing that the late-summer vibe our stager had going for our listing photos now looks pretty jarring.

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