1. Why the fuck the man who is not injured screaming more than the man who literally lost his lower half!?

  2. Injured fella probably can’t scream much and is in total shock. He’s just trying to breathe.

  3. Yeah momma was alive for a little bit, moaning, but she wasn’t conscious.

  4. Xanax and Clos du Bois for breakfast gives you bloodshot eyes.

  5. I had no idea was Southern Splenda was and I live in the south!

  6. So does Trump have dementia or is he just really stupid?

  7. He doesn’t have dementia, IMO. He’s a lifelong con man and that’s how he talks. Lot of noise, little substance.

  8. He meets every criteria for a diagnosis of Antisocial Personality Disorder—Sociopath type.

  9. I feel like I’ve seen this exact video before. This isn’t from last night, is it?

  10. 6th St. was not always like this. It's a shame that younger people don't know how cool it used to be down there.

  11. I mean, it’s always been a little crazy, but not like this.

  12. That scene is 100% what is like to teach middle school.

  13. You nailed it. Alternative schools or more often, expulsion. A lot of districts didn’t even have alternative schools then.

  14. Tell me you put all your money into the speakers of your clapped out shitbox without telling me you put all your money into the speakers of your clapped out shitbox

  15. You’re reminding me of my young days, when I could only afford to live in very poor neighborhoods.

  16. I don't understand why people need to make that part of their identity. "Born real American". Man who fucking cares, get some hobbies, do some interesting shit, that's so much better than basing your identity on where you were born... walking stereotype

  17. Right? Like where you were born and who you’re born to us just a complete roll of the dice accident of birth.

  18. I’m a woman living in TX and I always wonder about this. Like, you’re a white man in your own damn neighborhood. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SO SCARED OF?

  19. Raise your hand if you stuck your finger in your belly button just to check.

  20. The Mayan descendants are still around. Did you mean Aztec, maybe?

  21. True, but they are a partnership, and it's common to group them together. Not accurate. Just common.

  22. Ed Norton looks better than this. And I see he’s still doing the shoes with lifts.

  23. This might be the dumbest gaming chair psychologist comment I’ve ever seen

  24. Shoes on runways are not fitted for the model's size. The designer generally only makes one pair for every look and at a "standard" or sometimes random size. Then they hire models with no care for their shoe size. This leads to models having to walk down the runway in (usually) shoes that are waaaay too small. Some designer houses are better at this, especially when getting such a big name supermodel like Kristen. However, Valentino is notorious for having models fall and hurt themselves due to a bad fit for the shoes. Some say the house hasn't done anything about it since it gives them publicity.

  25. They did seem a bit difficult to pull off so I bet they were too small!

  26. OP are you this person dealing with the CB? And the CB isn’t even family? She needs to be more resourceful. You gave her all kinds of ideas, but she shot down every one. You’re just being used. Make it end. She needs to ride the bus.

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