1. Prima Donna and Parrano are going to be closer to Robusto. They are pretty interchangeable.

  2. I mean most apes are statists for sure but I don’t know about socialists. But whatever. Buy, Hodl DRS

  3. Regulations will eventually just be tools to keep the little guy out and keep the fat cats rich.

  4. This is why we have such a big food waste problem. Cheddar and block mozzarella will be fine in your fridge for weeks.

  5. Just think about how big the boom would have been if these guys weren’t in the way.

  6. I’m all about that default but they will find a way to raise it. They always do. Just another reason why the State should be abolished.

  7. Probably local regulations or just store regulations. Either way that piece of cheese is most likely fine to consume way after that ridiculous date. This is the reason we throw away 40% or our food supply. It’s sad.

  8. I can can deduce that its a Gouda aged for 3-5 years. Other then that I got nothing.

  9. Time, temperature, cultures, acidity levels, salting (brined, dry salting, curd salting), curd cutting (size, shape), curd washing, aging (time temp, humidity, natural rind, washed rind), terroir, love etc.

  10. I appreciate you mentioning terroir, as I was going to ask about that. If two cheese makers, say New York and London, follow the exact same recipe, and the only difference is the source of the milk, would there be a noticeable difference in their respective cheeses? Would that difference be apparent to an average cheese eater or only someone like a cheese monger?

  11. I’ve been in cheese for over 15 years and terroir is still mystery to me. I believe it is one of the factors that adds to flavor but it is subtle. With all of the factors that contribute to flavor in cheese it is difficult to nail down.

  12. Ah yes the proverbial “Constitutional Crisis” of the US governmental system. 🙄

  13. You are good. I would not hesitate to keep them at room temp especially if they are not cut. There is not a safety issue here.

  14. “Poorly thought out”😂 Congress doesn’t even read laws before they pass them. There is no thinking going on in Congress.

  15. Sounds like you despise America mass produced cheese with holes. But you would probably like many kinds of Swiss produced cheese.

  16. Try Murray’s online. They will ship. Where are you located? Most grocery stores (in a midsize town) will have raw milk cheeses but they may not be using that as a selling point. Parmigiana Reggiano, Gruyere and Emmentaler are widely available. They may not be the best versions but they are raw milk.

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