1. Ben Shapiro is Jewish and he's antiabortion. So they're either lying or misinterpreting scriptures to suit their political agenda.

  2. Orthodox Jews are the ones who I find actually follow Judaism. Progressive and agnostic Jews use it more as a cultural tool than anything else.

  3. This is true for other faiths as well. The catholics only in name are pro choice while the Catholic Church opposes abortion.

  4. Please bring Trump back to office.

  5. next time i see another god damn post about “intuitive bias” i’m making 5 different posts praising intuitives and hating on sensors so it balances out the amount of fucking times i see this kind of post

  6. That's a meme. Not meant to be taken serious ly. People make memes about intuitives too.

  7. The wedding veil has nothing to do with virginity. If it does, it's a very modern idea.

  8. The wedding veil has always symbolized virginity historically but it no longer does because many brides are non virgins these days.

  9. Which is unfortunate. That’s why me, as well as most Catholic men who actually take virginity seriously don’t date girls who are non virgins. But mind you we compose of probably less than 10% of all Catholics in America. Hopefully once the lukewarm folks wither out that number increases

  10. I'm virgin myself. That's good to know more people take saving sex seriously. We live in a sex obsessed culture and most young people give into peer pressure.

  11. Another disingenuous shaming tactic to say pro-lifers are misogynists. There are many men who believe in abstinence for themselves. But they don't care about that.

  12. And if a man says everyone should wait until marriage including men, it’s these same people who call him a sex prude

  13. I am virgin 21 F. You are doing the right thing. If someone doesn't respect your decision then they're not worth your time. God bless!

  14. Interesting. That was never part of my biology classes in highschool or university. Or part of my medical degree. Was your education religious? Have you considered the possibility that 'life' is a complex concept that doesn't have a binary 'start' and 'stop' date?

  15. What is a fetus then? Is it not a human life?

  16. I mean, a couple of cells that happen to be growing don't make a human life, in my opinion. Otherwise the blood I donate is a human life. Otherwise a cancer is a human life.

  17. I'd have a logical conversation with my child and refute his arguments. Islam is easy to disaprove. Im good at persuasion so I'll bring my child back to Catholicism. I've had online debates with Muslims and refuted their arguments.

  18. This makes me so upset! God have mercy on their souls!

  19. I have 2 deal breakers, faith and abortion. If we can’t agree on those two things it’ll never work out.

  20. Honestly one of my biggest fears is I'll find someone amazing and find out we immensely disagree on something like the life issue.

  21. If i find out my crush is pro choice that would make them unattractive to me instantly.

  22. Maybe im direct for an ENFP but I'll just say, "Sorry, I don't feel the same way". It doesn't give someone false hopes or mixed signals.

  23. Is she single? She might be married or in a relationship or maybe she just doesn't want to date.

  24. Quick reminder that functions don't work on their own.

  25. Fe is primarily concerned with the wellbeing of community. Fi isn't. Logically, Fe is better for humanity when it's healthy.

  26. Yeah right... Hitler (INFJ Ni-Fe) did a real good job at making the world a better place...

  27. Try OkCupid or Christian dating sites if you're Christian. You can find someone serious over there.

  28. Ask him why race has anything to do with being pro life? Anyone can save the lives of the unborn. He's the one being racist by making abortion a race issue when it isn't.

  29. She has a point. There are some pedophiles who wanted to be recognized in society. Pedophilia acceptance is going to be next if we don't do anything about it.

  30. “I can’t be your friend anymore because you’re against women’s rights.”

  31. A friend blocked me on social media after I made a donation to a pro life campaign. She texted me that we are not friends anymore. I was hurt a bit but I'll keep fighting for the lives of the unborn. It's a worthy cause.

  32. ISTJ? Nah I don't think so. We are not compatible at all.

  33. Yes you can. Find another asexual spouse.

  34. You can get married if you find a spouse who's also willing to give up sexual contact.

  35. He/she can just find another asexual spouse to get married to.

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