1. Umbridge and her basically torturing students for her whacked out version of misbehaving. Just finished watching the 5th movie, one I rarely watch because of my hate for her, but the implications that her version of discipline isn’t…ethical (for lack of better words). When Harry has to write “I will not tell lies” and it etched into the back of his hand and then the Weasley twins are comforting a young boy about how the marks go away and he will be okay it’s like what in the world is she doing exactly? Plus the excessive use of the truth potion

  2. IIRC Harry was given the option to "admit" it was a lie and make it stop but he chose not to (which is pretty hardcore)

  3. I'd just remove TCP/IP all together on the virtual machines and just have IPX/SPX and NetBEUI doing the file sharing between the older OSs.

  4. My assumption is that the newer Win10 computers would be writing data to the database on 98

  5. I doubt the Win10 systems could even talk to a database on Win98.

  6. Why? If the software that's actually writing the data to the DB then why wouldn't Windows 10 be able to write to the database

  7. One is a middle aged house wife with 4 kids but she's happy. All she really wanted to be was a mother and home maker so more power to her.

  8. I find this opinion odd. I feel dawnshard added basically nothing to the story of row. Edge dancer gave at least some nale lift stuff for

  9. So for the Nale stuff we never really knew his motivations in the first place. So him changing motivations and

  10. Okay i get that it's the wrong snake, but like... Who cares? I don't understand why everyone is so up in arms about this. It would be one thing if they said liquid snake or solidus snake and showed solid, but they not only showed a mgs protagonist, most of whom look alike, but they showed the guy solid was cloned from. It literally could not be a more minor mistake. To call it awful for that is just being a drama queen

  11. The issue is that Gamesradar is supposed to be a "professional" games news outlet who got something as basic as the main character in a mega franchise wrong.

  12. Big Boss and Naked Snake are one in the same, right? And Solid is his clone?

  13. Nutshell version is that the owners of DnD tried to change the rules of their game and make it so that any custom homebrew DnD games (versions of DnD which don't follow the official rules or official lore) belonged to them.

  14. Does virus total still take pcaps? I haven't looked in a while. Might be up your alley.

  15. It at least used to give you a bit of a breakdown and snort rules triggered.

  16. It just came to Xbox Game Pass in an original Emulated form.

  17. Weird I had that same regret the entirety of my 20s.

  18. Man. A post in home networking that got removed by Reddit's Admins.

  19. If I heard my boss say the word "Ye" I would immediately lose respect for them and tune out the conversation

  20. Can't say I'm a fan of this ball mount, I'd rather pay 50 cents more for the old one. Anyway, does anyone know if the new mount has a magnet in it like the previous mount?

  21. I am still trying to figure out what is OG about this new camera. It doesn't look like the v1 the mount doesn't work like the v1, it doesn't have free Ai like the v2... what is OG about it!?

  22. The restore code was a backup which allows you to bypass (or disable) 2FA on tha account to gain access again.

  23. what about remote workers off the network?

  24. Application Whitelisting, HIPS, GPOs which force all traffic to use a company VPN before they can access the internet.

  25. How about the Chinese version of TikTok:

  26. Sorry if this is dumb, but would this be something done by government contractors or full-time employees? It says agents so maybe the latter?

  27. There's almost no way the government let contractors actually operate during the Operation. Gov Contractors have really weird rules, so this was most likely Civilian agents.

  28. The only thing that fixes culture is constant adherence to standards and holding others to them.

  29. This must be a 21-year-old with a 9 year old kid. I'm guessing "gammie" is about 40 and the only person in this situation who doesn't live in a van

  30. I feel like this game is the Vermintide 1 loot issues all over again.

  31. I had a question over here a couple of days ago asking why is Umbridge so hated when she never killed anybody and her crimes pale in comparison to those of the Death Eaters, yet Bellatrix, who tortured two people into vegetative state and killed two of the fandom favorite characters gets a pass. My conclusion is that Bellatrix is a fun character, same as Draco, while Umbridge was written to be hated.

  32. Umbridge is hated because she directly opposes the main characters, and by proxy the reader, in a way we know demonstrably is incorrect.

  33. Technically possible, but highly unlikely. The base will want to keep TLF open and available for other people coming and going

  34. My personal opinion is because the Air Force tells them they can't.

  35. Grumpy retiree here clogging up your thread like its an isle at the commissary on pay day:

  36. Tbf, having an electronic copy of your receipt is nice for stuff that has warranties. If I don't have an electronic copy, I usually scan the receipt and email it to myself, but having a system that does it for you at the moment of purchase is convenient!

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