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  1. And this comment is the perfect example - "way" here means "način" 😅

  2. You're not wrong but staza can also be translated into English as way. Source: I lived in Croatia for 12 years (Pula).

  3. I realise this is not great for the team and Buffalo native fans but I am so fucking excited as a UK bills fan, was actually thinking about coming over to buffalo next season but wasn't sure how I'd scrape the funds together, now I get to see them for the first time since 2015.

  4. It's green on my driver's license, but some people would probably call it hazel, I've been trying to figure out which camp I'm in for years. 😂

  5. I'm the same. It seems to change colour depending on my mood and/or how tired or awake I am.

  6. Try the Jets. They're building slowly and might well be a contender in a couple of years. I'm a Bills fan and they play against us in the AFC East.

  7. I went to this seasons Bills-Jets game at the MetLife in New Jersey. I was in Bills gear. My wife's family are split down the middle between Bills and Jets. We started pregame at 8am in the parking lot. The Jets fans in the parking lot we were in were awesome and we had a great time partying with them pre and post game.

  8. Mike is an awesome name for a cat. Or is the squirrel called Mike and the cat is named Squirrel? Either way, awesome!

  9. Thai massage. I got bored in a float tank but I was sober. A float tank on shrooms would be pretty awesome but I'd rather do shrooms in nature.

  10. My theory is that there's more of the same and that the universe is older than we currently think. Other than that, I'm absolutely clueless. All theories have plausibility. It's a shame that we, personally, will never know which, if any, is right.

  11. Put white vinegar in a spray bottle. Give it a really good spray down and let the vinegar sit for an hour or so. Spray it again, leave it again. And then rinse it off and dry it. Repeat if necessary.

  12. Well, I've lived in Central NY for 2½ years and my wife has never done anything like that for me. We're currently staying with my mum for Christmas and are taking some real baked beans back with us to the States. I'm going to show her this post and she'll have no excuses. Well done to your wife. Looks awesome!

  13. I can back it up. The plow company could wait until the snow compacts and has a layer of ice to plow on but it would still rip up your gravel. It's harsh but true. I have crushed stone on my driveway and even my snowblower takes it up. It's definitely a bad choice of material for a driveway that gets snow. Sorry bud.

  14. I (straight male) have seen a lot of vaginas. It's never even occured to me to think of a vagina as uglier than another. After going down on 150+, I never thought that one was better than the other. They are what they are. I either had "curtains" to play with in my mouth or an entrance without them, enormous clits that I could felate like a very small dick, medium clits that I knew that I was on point or tiny clits that I would struggle to find. I loved playing with most of them. The ones I didn't like were the unwashed ones. That has only ever been my issue. Keep it clean and don't judge yourself against the porn industry.

  15. What the hell do you mean enormous clits ? I’m it’s not too much , what’s a big clit look like vs a smaller one. And I have to say that doesn’t sound appealing.

  16. We played "nails" in the British Army. It was a drinking game. Some guys were ok at it but most of us were terrible. I often think how good I'd be at it now after so much practice. Striking a nail well is a skill that we all took time to perfect. These future carpenters need time.

  17. I call BS. My grandma insisted on this and practiced it her whole life. She always sat and stood up straight and insisted we did the same when we were around her. She ended up doubled over with almost a 90 degree bend in her back. I would recommend staying healthy and active as an alternative to this shitty advice.

  18. I'll be the guinea pig. Downvote this comment a few thousand times and I'll let you know. ;)

  19. Oh, I love Carhartt however have you tried Ridgecut? The tractor supply brand, best forking pair of work pants I've ever owned. And now they come in two colors!

  20. Well it sure as shit beats the NY State driving test. I had to do mine to get a licence here after driving 29 years with a British licence. On an empty street, I had to cross a junction, parallel park, do a 3 point turn and then cross the junction again. That was it. It took less than 3 minutes.

  21. That doesn’t sound right. I took mine on a busy as hell street in nyc and I had to all of that in full traffic flow along with a 4 hr defensive driving class and a written exam.

  22. Have an amazing time. Make sure the Jets know we are in the building!

  23. I'll have a Josh Allen is my boyfriend shirt. Lol

  24. One day you will get a phone call. You won’t know when it will come, but until then stay prepared to dress up in your finest team gear, clear your schedule, and someone will arrive to pick you up in a nondescript car or van. You won’t talk during your ride to Orchard Park. Use that time to atone for any previous indiscretion where you have rooted for ne, brady, fins,or any NFC east team. You will arrive to a lot full of old school mafia. Enjoy some wings with blue. They will present a folding table which you must unflinchingly smash via a leaping dive of faith. True believers will triumph unscathed. You will then be asked to open your palm and a Josh Allen rookie card will be placed in your hand and lit afire. While the card burns you must pledge your lifelong commitment to continue to always root for the bills, donate to charity causes that are important to us or even our rivals, never fail to return a ‘go bills’ when said or seen in the wild, and always billieve. Crush the burning card in your hand. Welcome to the family.

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