1. I didn't tell my current boyfriend until a month after we got into a relationship. However, I got a good idea of what his overall opinion of sex workers was BEFORE committing to him, so that when I did decide to tell him, I felt more comfortable. He supports me with it which I'm grateful for.

  2. This is what I would do if ever I god forbid found myself single again. Brilliant advice.

  3. I totally agree with you! This is the same mindset I have

  4. I think it’s healthy because until I get to know them it’s none of their business because boundaries.

  5. I have property, am a fitness instructor, PT as well as content.

  6. It’s definitely not genetics or anything it’s def these sunscreens I’ve been reapplying every hour since birth

  7. I personally take some out on a spoon melt it over a lighter and inject it into my veins. I might have blood poisoning but I look like I’m still in the womb💅

  8. AW for me has been awful. I've got a feeling people have moved on to use more interactive sites. As a person looking to spend some £ with a cam model I wouldn't be using that site. The site is so old and boring. Not mobile friendly and not interactive at all. It's been shocking for me £ wise. Felt like its never really picked up from the xmas/new year dip! Kind of was taking it personal but knew deep down it wasn't me and it was just purely a sh*t site tbh 🤣

  9. I hear you. I’ve been on there since they started nearly 20 years ago and it was incredible but with every change of management they just fucking ruined it to the shell of itself it is now.

  10. So where do you stream now? If you do. SM has slowed down so much I’ve moved to chaturbate

  11. I rarely stream and if I do I just leave them on in the background while I work

  12. I specialise in being totally unshaven and exceptional ws content which is often filmed with my waterproof camera in pov.

  13. I love how it changed the shape of your nose. I think I will do this for that alone

  14. Yeah I don't want to have to like figure out what I need to delete and re upload etc so I also kind of paused adding content so I'm not doing the same work twice.

  15. Exactly. I haven’t got time to be wasting on another broken site

  16. I have to upload to vault then upload to page from there. How big is it?

  17. 1.18 GB I’ve been trying to upload it to vault with no luck

  18. Have you refreshed the browser deleted cookies or tried a different browser, deleted cache?

  19. I’ve just uploaded an awesome showering vid which you might like with more to come. I’ve got all my showering and bathing content in their own section as it’s a particular fave of mine. I’ve done a fair few showering vids

  20. Don’t stress the last one often times they find you 😉

  21. Bunions? Lol. Dudes really sexualize everything don’t they?😂😂

  22. This is the sort of abhorrent mess I used to look like until I sand blasted daily to get rid of this offensive “texture”. So embarrassing.

  23. OBS acts like a splitter. You don’t need to fuck around with extra instances just use virtual cam as your cam source. It’s been like that for years that I’ve used it this way on several sites simultaneously including sm. never had a problem doing c2c. Never affected placement either

  24. You can lead the horse to water but you can’t make them do an internet search or click on your links or anything 🤦‍♀️ does this approach net you much free wank fodder?

  25. What kind of grading are you looking for and is it for promo or sale? I’ve also been camming for a couple of decades and put a lot of my teasers up so you can get an idea of what I do. I’ve been on both sides of the camera for this long.

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