1. Looks like it, but need a picture of the underside as well. Turkey tail will be white underneath and have a million little holes

  2. There's no brand info, but I think it's from the 70s. It has significant yellowing throughout

  3. Nooo that shit is way too old to eat definitely don’t eat that. Wait until it grows back to eat it

  4. Tell her she’s an entitled cunt whose only remaining value to this world is the inheritance left to the next generation. Follow her home next time you see her. Flaming bag of shit on the porch never gets old.

  5. Haha always good to try Google images beforehand. Although not chanterelle, this is till edible. It’s chicken of the woods! It’s super yummy, I just found some a few weeks ago and still have a lot in my freezer. It looks perfect too! I do believe the type of tree it grows on is important, unless I’m mistaken it’s best to eat them off of Douglas firs- other trees can have toxins absorbed into the mushroom, but I also don’t think it’s anything crazy, I think you could still eat these but I suggest a second opinion. You can cook them just like chicken! I recommend fried chicken sandwiches, they taste so good that way:)

  6. I love it when people just go the extra mile like that. There is a girl here who I don't talk to much but I have always taken the time to talk to when passing by her or in class. Well just yesterday she walked up to me and gave me a jar of sea shells and said I think you'll enjoy selling these on the seashore.

  7. insert tears My young son went to his first birthday party recently, his new friend made him a friendship bracelet. Now he’s making bracelets for everyone he meets—

  8. My last post shows the result of me chicken frying a COTW I found a bit ago. Recipe is over in the comments. Nice find!

  9. You are hunting for mushrooms in the woods so yes you are crazy but that is correct this is chicken

  10. bcgg says:

    When you say “abortion”, do you mean she chose to end a perfectly healthy pregnancy or that she had a miscarriage or ectopic and somehow that’s what “abortion” is describing?

  11. Am I the only one who understands it as the cousin taking a sarcastic jab at the ridiculousness that is the new law?

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