1. A friend was telling me about some weird music history classes, like the history of the Beatles etc? She said it’s the easiest thing she’s ever taken and they are all online

  2. I also feel like I’m extra sensitive, but in this case I don’t think you were being extra sensitive at all. Anybody would react in the same way, and you somehow didn’t even blow up in front of everyone like I would have 😅 something that has helped me when I deal with this shit is I tell myself “at least I’m actually happy and nothing like them”. Because think about it… what would ever provoke you to have an attitude like your uncle’s? He must have a shitty life full of insecurities for him to want to pick on you. When people are mean, it’s because of their own internal issues, trust me. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d talk back next time. Try not to raise your voice, act casual and unbothered when you talk back- I’ve gotten pretty good at this haha

  3. Staying with my boyfriends family and I’ve been awake in bed since 4 am because I’m so excited but don’t wanna be the one to wake everyone up💀


  5. Anything Ghibli. Howls Moving Castle is an absolute ride too

  6. kinda 50/50...but found this interesting read about them... on a .gov website no less

  7. Those look like stems not caps. They might be ripping you off. Stems are 3x less potent

  8. Could be wrong but I think that’s only for psilocybin mushrooms…? And even then, stems having 3x less potency is a misconception

  9. Not true for every mushroom. Gyromitra esculenta, a popular morel, have their poison evaporate from drying. Can give some severe effects on adults, and can be lethal for small children or animals breathing in the “fumes”.

  10. Is that the only kind that could be potentially dangerous? I definitely didn’t pick any morel look alikes. Most of the mushrooms I grabbed are different from each other, and the ones that are similar I could fit them all in the palm of my hand

  11. Looks like it, but need a picture of the underside as well. Turkey tail will be white underneath and have a million little holes

  12. There's no brand info, but I think it's from the 70s. It has significant yellowing throughout

  13. Nooo that shit is way too old to eat definitely don’t eat that. Wait until it grows back to eat it

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