Trying to film a fitness video

For an especially amazing showing.

When laughter meets percussion

Laugh like a supervillain

Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

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  1. Lots of practice from always being the best skater

  2. Drop anything for your crush that boy loves his babysitter.. step one laugh together. You learn so much from your babysitter glad he is having a great pure. Experiences its these things that balance boys to become men

  3. You should have just done the video with him in it live

  4. You like to eat barbeque chips with your feet

  5. Trust I would rather it not be mechanically closed

  6. I've never wanted to baby trap a women in my life till I seen you... 😂 Omg

  7. Fuck... I wish wishes were real this is what I would wish for all other happiness will follow. Your so 😍 beautiful.

  8. Lay on the bed so I could make out with your pussy lips

  9. I would love buying you clothes. Just to see you wear them so I could take them off or just watch you smile walking around in them ... 😍

  10. You even look good when we would go out walking to a at gala or on date night

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