1. Acceptance is everything and is a great place to start. I hated myself for many years, I wanted to hide away until I was “female enough” to live my life outside of my bedroom, only to realize that point doesn’t exist and this body has its limitations that will follow me for the rest of my life. There is no end goal where you’re “finally there”; Only life to be truly and unapologetically lived.

  2. Thank you. I’ve been slowly realizing this. I know cis women have body issues as well which helps a little. I keep going back and forth between feeling like I’m making progress and I know I’ll probably never look the way I want but I’m trying to accept and work with what I have. One day at a time I suppose

  3. You look absolutely stunning! Love your hair and cute makeup :3

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous! I love your hairstyle!

  5. You look Amazing! I hope your day is going wonderfully!

  6. I love everything about this 🖤🕷 where did you get your hat?

  7. Thank you ☺️ I have a hat but it’s not big enough

  8. I understand this completely, I’m going through something similar and it definitely hurts. Your not alone in going through this, journaling helps me a little and so does staying busy but also sometimes it’s okay to just lay in bed but remember to push yourself out of it too. Sending hugs and healing your way! ❤️

  9. You deserve to be appreciated by someone who is as passionate for you as you are for them. You seem sensitive and caring and someone will see that.

  10. Omg your eye liner is a work of art! You look hella cute!

  11. Looking so punk and pretty 😍 ✨️ 💕 respectfully already lowkey have a crush on you, ty queen have a great rest of your day

  12. Thank you ☺️ I wish I looked that good all them time

  13. I’m sorry I didn’t want to make anyone feel bad posting this. I hope you can find someone

  14. Hey Lovely, of course you can't think cuz you are queer. No straight lines. Just soft wonderful curves. Congrats for figuring it out🧡💗🧡💗

  15. Go you ! I like it. I haven’t drawn anything for years too but I decided I’m going to draw something tomorrow

  16. that's awesome! I wish, I were him. wish you all the best!

  17. I’m so happy for you 😊 I wish the best for you both

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