1. I feel like the OG post was a riddle, I think the answer is you are your own brother as you traveled back in time to play PLO

  2. What if your comment is me from the future giving me an answer to the riddle? Are you me?

  3. Every casino is different. Some, the individual dealer keeps them. Some is shared by all poker room dealers. Some places pool all tips from the table games and poker together. I would ask the dealer.

  4. You wouldn't want to bet more than 50% of your bankroll on a single flip though, even under these conditions.

  5. So you shipped 33BB with A3o because you thought it was time to start jamming any ace?

  6. What if we combine it with a rook?

  7. I just assume everything on here is a reference to something from the day before now.

  8. at my local casino, there was a flip-and-go satellite. it gets brought up whether or not getting AA is good. the dealer argues with me saying that having AA is awful and that he wouldn't want it, I pull up an equity calculator and show him AA has 30% equity against like 9 ppl. He says "run it out and let me know what happens" I don't say anything. little does he know my pocket supercomputer ran it out n times and that's how it got 30%, poker is alive

  9. Why do people care about odds of the most obscure dumbest shit? See posts similar weekly. How bout finding me the odds of this actually helping your poker game ?

  10. If you can't manage to flop quads every once in a while, maybe poker isn't for you.

  11. What then would be the situation where you fold?

  12. Now I want to see someone win with 42 vs 22 on a 33332 board.

  13. Nah but he lost. Sometimes it's the right move to lay down aces preflop, like if 8 people go all in before you.

  14. I'm not sure why you're downvoted. It's -EV if you have less than 50% chance of winning the pot.

  15. "... and when I got a blackjack, the dealer accidentally paid me 6 dollars on my 5 dollar bet."

  16. That 3bet, 1/3-1/2 Cbet is powerful. Shit should be illegal

  17. We’ll pretty sure in the majority of card rooms it’s against the rules to influence action if you’re not in a hand so yea get fucked buddy. The dealer even warned you about it.

  18. All I use is a Hand Rankings chart off Amazon. It explains which beats which (full house vs 4 of a kind, etc.). I also play for real money and I just keep it posted next to my play area so i can quickly glance over there to check my shit! Ive made some serious mistakes (the kind where we go all in) thinking that my hand was better when it wasnt.

  19. I've heard some good things about a computer program for that. I think it was called piesolver or something like that.

  20. The 9 on the turn makes it just a regular K high straight. 9TJQK. At least you still won the hand though.

  21. If the button 5 bets I’m folding QQ in the SB or BB lol

  22. I analyzed the image and this is what I see. Open an appropriate link below and explore the position yourself or with the engine:

  23. What an absolute waste of time.

  24. This exquisitely illustrates the mindset that is plagueing the American man. Rather than actually trying to reach this concept of ‘perfection' himself, he instead resigns himself to simply praising and talking about the achievements of others. This ‘observer' mindset is what is causing the gradual, silent decline of our nation. America is the worlds most influential trading partner, and we cannot afford to lose our position as a global investor, but sadly this is what is happening due to the passivist nature of our citizens. The world will not look upon America favorably if we continue to be seen as a nation of whinhing, passive snowflakes. I understand this is a bit unrelated to the video, but i just need to let out some of the frustration that has been building up. Poker is a perfect example of what is happening, as we've even gone to the point of inventing machines to play the game for us, so we dont even have to put any effort in, and can simply sit back and enjoy the show. This is a representative of this whole group of commentary channels that waste their lives simply on observing the achievements of more taltented people, a defective man. I hope that one day that America will look back at us in shame, and wish they descended from a nation of innovators and inventors, but I'm afraid there will be nobody left to look back.

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