1. Today marks 5 years. Thank you, everyone, for making this such a supportive place. Honestly, I would not have gotten to where I am without the DCI. You're the best!!! IWNDWYT

  2. Wow!!! Congratulations, VTA! You are an inspiration!! Way to go!!!

  3. Planned relapse at the weekend was followed up by me testing positive for COVID yesterday. Couldn't even drink if I wanted to I feel so yuck. IWNDWYT

  4. Super late check in but I spent the day with new and old friends and family. A full and extremely blessed day. No room, time, or need for the dreaded booze.

  5. Hugs right back to you, my dear!!! Love you!!! ♥️♥️

  6. My mind has been blown away by how much better life is and how much better I feel and look since getting sober (over two years ago). Life still has shitty times but I’ve learned new ways to cope…therapy, meditation, exercise… All of those help put me in a better mindset. You’re right, you’re not fooling anyone- especially yourself. IWNDWYT!

  7. Hey, Aly. It feels like it's been a while since I said hello. I hope your week gets off to a great start!

  8. Hi ACL!! How are you?? I haven’t been checking in daily but I’m still here! Sending you lots of love this Tuesday morning, my friend! 😘😘

  9. Happy Friday, y’all! I haven’t been checking in a lot lately but I’m still here.

  10. IWNDWYT! 💜🦋💜 the focus on one day at a time is how I can stay sober. When I look further than today, I get overwhelmed. I can manage today. 💜

  11. Great to see you, Teach!! Happy new year my dear!! 💜💜

  12. Way to go to those getting through their first week sober!! It’s hard, but sooo worth it!! Keep playing that tape forward! Keep moving forward!! Keep learning!!!

  13. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Back atcha Freddy!!!!

  14. Thanks for hosting during this pivotal week for so many, Stink. It’s greatly appreciated.

  15. Progress not perfection, hell yeah. Nutrition…I fell and rolled down that particular fucking hill over the holidays. That was my choice, though. Ugh. Back at it and trying to climb back to where I was. That struggle is real. Anyway. Good to see you!! Hope the vacation was awesome! ❤️

  16. Hi LM!! I fell off the nutrition boat too right before I left but the beauty of traveling abroad (Morocco) is that they don’t eat the shit we eat. I came home 6lbs lighter because I wasn’t eating sugar and processed shit!! It makes me mad that Americans are marketed too so heavily towards shit food and drink. Anyway, I’m back in the boat and feel ahhhmazing!! You can do it!!! Have a great Friday, friend!!!

  17. I will not be drinking with you today. I will not be drinking with you for the rest of this year. I will not be drinking with you into 2023. See you next year, friends!! Hold the fort down while I’m away. 🤣😂❤️❤️ I love you all with all my heart. Truly.

  18. I won’t be drinking with you today. Sorry, not sorry! 😁

  19. Ahh, I love the shortest day of the year because it only gets better from here!

  20. Love you, IDA!! Have a great day, my dear!!

  21. And when asked how much you drink you can confidently say ZERO! 👍🏻👍🏻

  22. I'm in for today. Think I just logged triple figures too!

  23. Morning, SD! 💙 Just wanted to give an update on the work holiday party that was stressing me out on

  24. Yay!!! Thank thank you for the update!! I’m glad you used your tools and had fun!! Check “holiday work party”’off your list of things you rocked in sobriety!! 😁 Enjoy the day, friend!

  25. I’m so glad this is here! It’s been a rough few months. I’ve been non stop sick, overwhelmed in my new job and trying to tackle marathon training and fundraising. It’s been a lot and I frequently feel lonely. Here is the joy: I don’t even consider using alcohol to try to evade and escape with alcohol. I realized today that I may be struggling, but I’m not avoiding the feels, I just face them and move through. Although I’ll be alone for Christmas, it’s okay. I’ll have my babies the day after and that is enough to keep my sobriety streak going. IWNDWYT

  26. Once again, sending you lots of love and tight hugs!! ❤️❤️🤤🤗

  27. Teach!!!!! I’ve missed you!!! Sending much love and hugs today!!! Make it a great Saturday!! 🥰❤️🤗🤗

  28. I’ve missed you too! I’ve been sick and just struggling with day to day life. But the good news is this: I haven’t been tempted to drink. I may be plagued by illness (having a cold non stop for 2 months sucks!!!) overwhelmed at work and trying to figure out fundraising and marathon training, but drinking is not in my list of ways to deal and I’m grateful. 🦋🦋🦋 you have been a big part of that I thank you. Love you!!

  29. Awe, I’m sorry you’ve been struggling but I’m glad drinking is not on the list! Remember- you’re only one person…deal with what you can deal with as you can deal with it. The rest will fall into place! More Love and hugs!!!

  30. Awe, thank you friend!!! IWNDWYT today too!!!

  31. I'm throwing myself into podcasts and quit lit in a way I've never done before on previous attempts. I'll check out that episode coz I love me some neuroscience.

  32. Way to go on two weeks!! You’re doing all the good things!! IWNDWYT!

  33. My strategies (all of which have been previously mentioned so nothing new or earth shattering):

  34. When I get up today I'm going to be able to celebrate or commiserate with my youngest lad as he tells me if he passed or failed. I'll be present. 100%.

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