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  1. I used to count trees while sitting in the car. I had a running total that I would remember for my next journey and keep counting lol.

  2. I did that for the double decker buses the first time I went to England as a kid! It was just so fascinating to me that they were all over the place so I decided to count them. I have no idea how I remembered my total, lol.

  3. P.S. I tried doing the strikethrough but it didn't work, lol. Just imagine it being striked out.

  4. Yep. Was coming here to type this. Dyspraxia is actually one of the conditions that sometimes coexist with ADHD.

  5. Reminds me of a passage in my environmental science textbook:

  6. Hey, what's the title and author of this book? Would like to browse it.

  7. Once you go do it, imagine the relief you'll feel for having it done and having avoided all those big problems! If you wait, your brain will make it seem even bigger and more unpleasant task than it is now...

  8. Okay. This was amazing. I'm going put my favorite song on repeat right now! Thanks so much. Music does get me going too.

  9. CV is the same thing as a resume (CV is more commonly used in British English vs. resume is more common in American English - though as far as I am aware they are still both used to some extent in each region/dialect (for example, my US college application asked for a CV, while some companies in the UK will refer to it as a resume rather than CV).

  10. CV (curriculum vitae) and resume are different. Resume is abbreviated, CV is exhaustive. You write your CV to catalogue everything that you've done professionally (including conferences, presentations, publications, awards and fellowships, etc.). A CV can be several pages long. Some people who've had decades-long careers can have up to 20-paged CVs!A resume is a short 1-2 paged document that has only the relevant experiences for the job you're applying for. So you can write your CV and use it to create resumes for different jobs, so basically a copy and paste from the larger CV document.

  11. That sounds like a massive win! Congratulations!! Now go get yourself a warm bath and good sleep.

  12. Please click the link to watch the video. It's appalling.

  13. I did poorly. My mental health was in the toilet and I was an anxious wreck. Graduated from undergrad in 5 years with a <3.0 GPA. Took a year off and with the pandemic was able to attend grad school remotely my first year and hybrid my second year. That was a a gamechanger! Graduated summa cum laude from grad school. It can also be said that by grad school I was more aware of my mental health issues and could handle them better, that's probably why.

  14. I know it may not feel this way right now, but being a backup pick means that you were in the very top of a stack of applications that probably numbered in the hundreds.

  15. Hi! Unrelated to OP. I'm applying for Epidemiology PhDs right now and I was wondering if you have a moment to chat privately about the application process? Thanks.

  16. I thought so too! Katherine with Katie or Kat or Kitty as nicknames.

  17. I wake up with songs on my mind all the time. I have a notes section dedicated to what songs I wake up to one what day.

  18. Ohh, I like that! I had a dream diary once. I think a song diary would be nice as well.

  19. Woke up with "Onward Christian Soldiers" on repeat in my head. Plot twist: am Muslim. Strange thing to be singing in an elevator on the way to class.

  20. I hated literature class so I would draw "pretty fairy dresses with flowers and rainbows" in my copy of the Merchant of Venice. 🙃 How did I not see this??

  21. "I have a step by step plan for the next 12 months but I don’t occupy myself with anything outside of what I have to deal with right now."

  22. Oh yeah. Apparently there are. It was quite a revelation for me too. 😄

  23. So according to the definition, sexual awakening mean an euphoric feeling of desire and wanting to be intimate with someone. Ok so I'm positive this didn't happened yet to me.

  24. It happened to me finally this year at the age of 25. So now I identify as demisexual and not completely ace.

  25. There's definitely a lot of ADHD subs. I respond well to the rewards and punishments and it gives me someone to be accountable too so it definitely helps there. Last time I went over my daily phone limit 2 days in a row I had to write "I must remember that there is a world outside of my phone" 100 times which sucked so much I'm super careful at keeping track now. If I stick to my phone limit I get to buy a new squishmallow.

  26. Being a good Sub for my Dom. So I'm drinking the water, eating the healthy stuff, doing the exercise, having the clean house and having the amazing sex.

  27. Oohhh, that sounds fun! I always imagined that being a sub might help quiet a racing ADHD mind since you're letting someone else make the decisions.

  28. In my state, they make you “wait” a week before they pay, but then it’s week to week. Your local Job service can probably help you.

  29. Thank you. I've actually been resting a lot over the past few days. My brain was feeling disappointment but my body was happy to rest! I found myself sleeping a lot more and feeling much more rested! Unfortunately, when I wake up my brain kicks in again and I start to feel disappointed in myself for losing my job and guilty for resting and not taking firm action for my future.

  30. I was just wondering this. Did they know about your ADHD when they hired you? If not, did they know when they fired you?

  31. They fired me after finding out. After I requested an ADA document but before I submitted it.

  32. The other side of the spectrum would be delusions of grandeur which is also an actual psychological phenomenon.

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