1. I wouldn't jump to any conclusions, but yeah, eating a bunch of 1's like that is definitely sub-purple rank skill. But I don't think that inherently means they're a green/yellow rank carried by Drag gimmicks, especially since those gimmicks are much weaker than they were at launch. As others have said, it could be that they have one or more god ranks they main and just play Drag to mess around and have fun, or a plethora of other reasons with varying degrees of morality. I wouldn't assume the most malicious answer just off of a single match.

  2. If they're playing Runick and they use Reasoning, always call level 2. Don't waste the Ash, Reasoning can be used more than once per turn. Ash either the Fountain going for the draw, or Hugin going for the search.

  3. The primary goal of reasoning is to dump a shit ton of runick spells to grave to get multiple 3-card draws off of fountain. Even if you stop the stein summon, you're giving them a chance to get a ton of draws if you let reasoning resolve.

  4. Netflix just has a streaming exclusivity deal with DP and has virtually zero say in what DP does with JoJo's on the production side of things. Idk why people think Netflix has anything to do with how DP produces JJBA when Netflix aren't funding its production beyond paying DP for exclusive streaming rights. The only thing Netflix can do is decide how the shows are aired on their own platform i.e. dropping all of the episodes they get at once instead of weekly release like the TV broadcast.

  5. Idk what the deal between them was i'm just stating netflix in general is known to fuck their good exclusives like they're just the sidechick and suck big mouth's dick like it was their sugar daddy and with the password sharing fuckery going on atm their more unpredictable than ever

  6. If Netflix doesn't handle its platform and the release of SBR well, then we just pirate it. Again, they have no effect on the quality of the final product, and only have control over how it's released on their own platform. If they're fuck-y with the release schedules or their customers, then we're pirates.

  7. Always amazes me why parents would want a stranger to tell their kids about sex related topics in the first place

  8. It's because people on the left don't like how conservative parents teach (or oftentimes, not at all) their kids about sex, and see having this material in early education as the only way for kids with "bigoted parents" to learn "the right things."

  9. Saying you hate anime is like saying you hate movies, it's a medium not a genre.

  10. It's more of a sub-medium, in that it's a part of the umbrella medium of animation, but it's specifically Japanese animation, which comes with the quirks and stylization associated with Japanese interests. It's very possible for people to say "I gave a few shows and movies a shot, but I'm just not a fan of popular Japanese stylization, humor, etc." Yes, anime/manga is widespread, but it's absolutely distinct from western animation in many ways.

  11. There is a pretty obvious difference between saying that you don't like an inherent aspect of a medium, and saying you don't like the current trends present within a medium. It's like if I said "Yeah, I gave a few Hollywood movies a try, but I'm not a fan of self-referential humor and cgi." Like, are those things really prevalent within the medium right now? Sure, but that doesn't mean it's a legitimate, well-founded criticism.

  12. Well, sure, like I said, a lot of the issues people have with ANY cinematography medium have exceptions within that same medium, but will people just entering said medium have the time, patience, and desire, to research and find those exceptions?

  13. Steamed Hams was a goated meme. It was a really fun medium to see people's creative editing skills and the outlandish concepts they can mash together in a very high-effort, (in relation to other memes) but shitty joke. Another one that came up in the last couple of years are edits of PilotRedSun's "Grinch's ultimatum" video.

  14. Zero Thought is low-hanging fruit, honestly. He's the strawman of the Twitter Leftist pseudo-intellectual.

  15. BL3 just had massive shoes to fill, if we're being honest. They made a lot of improvements in the form of amazing gameplay, the best skill tree design of the series, new gimmicks, and lots of quality of life improvements such as the new fast travel system and better load-in positions for farming, as well as general UI improvements. You also had stellar voice acting with great new additions to the story.

  16. I never felt Zane was weak and I always had Moze as the weakest especially since I remember seeing an update specifically towards Iron Bear as it was not viable late game. Zane has been my literal favorite since day one

  17. He was my first pick as soon as the game launched, and I love his kit the most. Before the massive buff to Violent Momentum and the release of the Seein Dead in DLC 1, it was very obvious that Zane's kill time on bosses and anointed was much lower than the other three Vault Hunters. Zane was hurting for V2 damage and had a hard time keeping his kill skills up during boss fights. You had to jump through a shit ton of hoops with him (quite literally) to do less damage than the other three.

  18. It's enough of a gap where they could've attended the same high school as freshman and senior. 4 years also just happens to be the acceptable age gap for the Romeo and Juliet clause for most states.

  19. And she's still three years older than your minimum with the x/2+7 rule.

  20. This is literally an opinion piece article with no actual studies referenced in it.

  21. Say what you will about the article, but there is a list of references at the bottom of the page. They're just condensed under a "Show references" tab.

  22. Is this a real person, are there really people who think and say things like this.

  23. Read White Fragility. Robin DiAngelo has a whole section talking about exactly this. She does this whole shpiel about "You know how when a black person walks into the room, you clutch your purse a little tighter?" She openly admits that she's a racist that's scared of minorities, but thinks that, "because she's a good person," everyone has to have those feelings as well, ergo propter hoc, EVERYONE must be racist.

  24. When I hear about people like this who are actually SCARED to be around minorities, it becomes so obvious why they believe racism is everywhere. After all, if someone who's as "morally just" as they are can be afraid of minorities, then that must mean everyone's afraid of them.

  25. Idk, you're being awful quiet in response to people mentioning the popular leftist posts on this sub, including a recent trans post of your own with over 1k upvotes and a good upvote/comment ratio. Your joke just has to be funny, and even the bad ones don't get removed from the sub. You're still active here, so you're obviously not banned from the sub for having leftist opinions, and none of us want that, despite the agenda posts like this one.

  26. When leftist post anything you guys constantly comment and down vote because it doesn't fit in you're world view. Then you complain how how much of a snowflake victim you are on the internet.

  27. Okay, but do those posts get removed for not complying with the popular opinion? Do known leftists get banned from the sub for their opinions?

  28. Idk how it works in the US, but in many countries it's the employer who pays the employee taxes on their behalf, so they don't have to bother with all the beraucracy, while the employer does it all at once for all of his employees.

  29. ...We still have that as an option in the U.S., and you do realize that means, even if they aren't doing it directly themselves, the employee is still technically paying taxes, right? That's what an income tax is. At the end of the day, it's the employee's take-home pay that's reduced for the sake of paying taxes. For wait staff, their tips are reported to their employer, who withdraws the portioned amount they earn from tips from their paycheck.

  30. It doesn't really seem like something you could call a traditional "spectrum" though. There are niche cases where people are born as intersex, (i.e. their phenotypic sex is inconsistent with their chromosomal sex, or they have abnormal/ambiguous phenotypic/chromosomal traits) but it seems like it's moreso just any combination of phenotype traits and chromosomal combination that doesn't align with the biological binary vs people falling somewhere on a spectrum. I guess you could argue that intersex people are a deviation from male or female, therefore, outside of cases where it could be split down the middle or completely ambiguous, they inherently have more in common with one sex than another, which creates some sort of spectrum, I have a difficult time considering that a "spectrum" you can apply to humans in general.

  31. Spectrums also typically include some level of gradient, but intersex can be hard classified under specific conditions that don't always relate to male or female. I just don't think that the gradient is defined enough to really call it a spectrum vs male, female, and a handful of intersex conditions. It's certainly not a binary, but I still think "spectrum" is a reach imho.

  32. Dude hasn't experienced the glory of french fries dipped in mayonnaise.

  33. I like to take it a step up and go either sriracha mayo or garlic aioli, but mayo-based sauce is definitely the way.

  34. They're called "mushy peas." They're a different type of peas that fall apart into a mash when you cook them, unlike regular sweet peas. It's less about them being "fucked up" and more about Brits having an "interesting" taste in food.

  35. I'm really not sure if the song choice was just the most tone-deaf decision possible, or they were purposefully trying to take the piss out of Lilith's sacrifice, but I can remember groaning when I first saw the ending.

  36. It’s unfair to blame fnaf for his shitty ripsoffs. Fnaf itself is a really interesting franchise that brought something new to the table.

  37. The most it did was capitalize on the setting of animatronic horror in liminal space, while delivering a story that isn't overexplained to you. And don't get me wrong; it should be praised for those things.

  38. Look up Kuchen. They've been attempting to do this with YGO for awhile now, but they've realized balancing YGO like this is way more complex and far more subjective with specific card choices than Smogon is with usage tiers for mons.

  39. I think all of those are in BL2, IIRC they were not organized within BL1.

  40. That's true, but they made it sound like it was exclusive to BL3.

  41. 'the cultural norm of not getting involved ' sound crazy

  42. When you live under an authoritarian regime where "getting involved" often meant death for the longest time, it's really no wonder that avoiding involvement is a norm in a country like China. Even now, getting involved with a dispute may lead to a hit on your social credit score, which could lead to you and your family being barred from essential services.

  43. My bad, I didn't realize I was speaking to the resident expert on China. Please, enlighten me. Tell me how living under an authoritarian regime DOESN'T make people more likely to keep to themselves, or that China hasn't ever lived under an authoritarian regime. Or just show me how Chinese culture really is, and that they're all paragons who are quick to jump to action to fight injustice. If you're going to throw around the prejudice label, I'd like to see your evidence to the contrary.

  44. Striker Minus Engage in the TCG still topped events and was still a good tier 2 deck I would say. When they brought back Engage and especially put DPE in the game, instant tier 1 menace.

  45. Striker was 4th best deck AT BEST in BODE format. It was not tier 1.

  46. Even THAT'S a stretch, honestly. We had Prank-Kids, Tri-Brigade, IDS, Drytron, Eldlich, nerfed Adamancipator, and arguable Salamangreat and (@)ignister that I would consider all to be better than Striker in July 2021 format.

  47. Striker hasn't been tier 1 or even tier 2 since TOSS format. Engage put it back on the map as a sleeper deck that could steal regionals and even the occasional YCS's using Mystic Mine, but it was still Rogue-tier at that point. It didn't have the representation to be anything beyond rogue tier and couldn't keep up when people planned for it.

  48. I frickin love pizza crust, I always eat my husband's lol

  49. Lmao, I eat my partner's crust too. She's confident that the foundation of a good couple is partially dependent on having a pizza crust-eater and a non-crust eater, and I'm somewhat inclined to agree lol.

  50. That's one of my favorite examples, honestly. My only complaint is that I wish it was done just a little more to further set the precedent that Jobros can and will die unexpectedly with zero purpose other than misfortune.

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