1. It’s doing exactly what it’s done the last few times right before a pump

  2. Ignoring the pumps get smaller and smaller ?

  3. Damn, an $800 per month apartment??? That's unheard of where I live. You can't get anything below $1,400 a month now. And if you actually want heat and running water and windows that open, shit, that's at least $1,800 per month.

  4. I live here and 800$ a month apartment is generally in the same area as a whooooole buncha crime.

  5. Sorry man I like your build and just trying to help lol

  6. yea i was right in the beginning. looks like we're not gonna be able to run mobility on our boots cause we need a utility slot for our symbiotic aspect.

  7. I had a very similar build planned out, but I went hurricane instead of the wolf pets because I think companions are going to be a bait without the synergistic legendaries. I also think they'll have survival scaling issues into the late game.

  8. Oooh. Yea was looking at that too. Im just curious what storm howl is. If it sucks, dropping em.

  9. Another one to consider is just running trample for mobility and the CC break. It also fortifies, so you could get some extra defense out of it. Also, since it's a werebear skill, it counts as earth with the aspects you've chosen, so it could trigger hurricane via Nature's Fury.

  10. Yea, my build only uses 5 actives so there's room to play. Trample was one choice.

  11. The main point is getting multiplying bonus. Getting a lot of +basic skill is not going to scale anything.

  12. again, plenty of ways. try browsing the DB.

  13. "I'm mysterious and I can't prove my point because i'm actually wrong".

  14. "im lazy and dont want to do any of the work myself"

  15. Always goofy to me how people are like, this system sucks heres my suggestion! Proceeds to showcase something that took them 5+hrs to make.

  16. I just laugh, because we all know everyone is gonna buy it...

  17. Over half of this sub is on the left here.

  18. If there's one thing I didn't figure out during the beta was how to reroll stats - I've seen the option but, if memory serves, rerolling required some rare yellow material that I've never found on 3 separate characters.

  19. Just as as aside to this.. socket items before you imprint them at the occultist bc otherwise it's very expensive

  20. Elemental skills for bowazon are a trap.

  21. freezing arrow begs to differ, mate.

  22. what do you do against cold immune?

  23. yea but 51-100 is paragon. paragon is not the same as it was in d3. it's char based and where your build begins to diversify.

  24. Gotcha. I heard 100 was max level. Really though max character level.

  25. 100 is max level but 51-100 starts to give paragon points.

  26. it's nervewracking on hardcore too. have had to leave a few games in early levels.

  27. I'm going necro thorns build with max essence to maximize getting 1.5% crit per 10 essence. My base crit chance at lvl 25ish should be 30% ish

  28. I played d2 hardcore exclusively. I think i only pvpd like maybe twice in 20 years sooooooooooooo no

  29. yea, you're right. if it gave purpose to your style of play then that's great. it didn't for me. i enjoyed the senseless grind.

  30. these have to be intentional now

  31. sold everything. gl folks. done with this ride.

  32. Problem is your character is built by lvl 50, then the min maxing start from lvl 51-100

  33. There are legendaries that arent even obtainable until 70+ so ima go with no.

  34. Trust me, you have seem everything by lvl 50 unless they change it from the endgame close beta.

  35. Again, there are literally items gated by level 70. So no, you havent.

  36. Why put the bandaid on like that when the needle is still inside the vein? Just asking for some internal slicing action....

  37. 90% of the hands on bullshit you learn in nursing is just a way for the professors to dock you in clinicals for stuff youll never do or use as a RN.

  38. Why do yall do this ? Try to come up with your own skills like the multi billion dollar company cares?

  39. Plenty? In beta, there were literally two ways to consume a corpse: Corpse Explosion and Raise Skeleton (priest buff is essentialy the same skill). Corpse tendrils weren’t even consuming a corpse, it just needed a corpse to use that skill.

  40. I can think of more. Keep trying.

  41. Interesting can you expand on that? are they already item power ~340 and getting over 340 opens up the new roll?

  42. I dunno i just know upgrading increases movespeed

  43. Save gold for when yoi get 7.5% movespeed boots and 9 or 10% movespeed amulet then upgrade both of those to level 4 so you can get 25% speed .

  44. You venture there at the end once you've hit max level and on the highest tier.

  45. I only play HC and liked over leveling a couple of levels as a defensive layer. Now I cannot.

  46. I only play HC and enjoy a challenge so I'm for level scaling.

  47. What are you talking about? I said endgame, not Beta.

  48. My buddy said his skeletons fell off in hell mode 70+

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