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  1. Lmao “since it’s unlikely that you will succeed you shouldn’t even try” you know how stupid and sad that mindset is?

  2. MJ also got absolutely destroyed by having his investments managed me citedal over the last two years.

  3. So many people are calling for ATH and we are almost at max greed on the fear index. I’m good to hold these bro

  4. lol not really. It’s been a low volume pump to get to here and you have too many crash signals to continue upward momentum

  5. Do you understand that market moves to take most $ out of it ,right now everyone keep hedging to downside since 348 spy and keep their face ripped ,it will keep going up until all short sellers insolvent exactly same as they were stuffed in butt jun 16 to Aug 16 . Also I doubt economy is weak,I'm in retail construction and projects still keep coming in upper middle class areas. Jpow ultimate goal is to keep balance of taming inflation while keeping economy rolling.big ass black swan event not happening when every regard has puts,slow grind next 2 years back and forth until everything sort itself out:12787:

  6. What for ?they got tools to fuck yo shit up lol .do you think they need to run ⚰️🥀😵🔫

  7. I think it's funny how many people believe that there is a "standard" when it comes to weddings. Like a wedding itself is a tradition dating back hundreds of years or something.

  8. Wow, and someone ruins even that feature immediately. I serioulsy dont get these dudes that send that shit right off the RIP

  9. When I had money I was watching gme/spy/reddit/Twitter/news rotating for 6-8hrs a day ,now I work in construction and can't watch chart,only glance to see setups to jump in

  10. Oh I know. This is not even the worst story in my family. We have all kinds of tragedies. One of the reasons why I dont have kids is all the bs that happened to me and people close to me since I was a child. Cancer, suicide, child abuse, child death, drug addiction, mental illness, bankruptcy... I am not going to put another soul thru that.

  11. Just make baby for yourself with rando,it will give you joy of life and when you get older you will love feedback from your offsprings.kinda sad to see lonely folks in nursing the end our natural goal is procreate,win win in my books 🦫

  12. Thanks but no thanks 😀 I am 1) antinatalist and 2) in menopause. I have a cat, she is my baby ❤ why do you think I will end up lonely in a nursing home just because I dont have children? Most of my friends, my sister, and many of my cousins are childfree/ antinatalist. We can buy a big house and get old/ die together if we want, with a lot of pets too. It's sad you think a woman needs a baby to feel joy. There no "win" for me in having children. It might be your natural goal, but mine is to have fun.

  13. Wait for the price to dip below the established support and curl back up.. market makers always like to be cute and spike down triggering all the stops before it continues back up (if)

  14. Ive lost to this trick few times,most memorable was when spy broke 390 in Aug or sep and I sold my calls for loss just to see price bounce back from 388.6 to 394 or something like that. At the time I was using Open interest in the morning as major s/r zones(didn't knew anything else 🦫) Now after watching spy Ive figured same thoughts that they shake off all bitch ass paper hands, sometimes few times before giving meaningful gains

  15. Yes it's possible on 0dte, roughly $2 move on spy gives you 30-50% gains ,if hes using 100k per trade then it's real daily although he probably has 7fig portfolio already. You just need balls and skill to do so,I asked question here at what point market will start go against your bet and most answers were at minimum few millions of dollars worth of contracts,even then it's not guarantee that you will be sniped. Month ago or so on some hot news day spx traded $3 billions in contracts every minute for 30 minutes after opening bell and spy traded $720 millions per min. Some fintwit source posted this info,I believe cheddarflow or gammaspot. Tldr. It's possible,but you need very high skill and a lot of money.

  16. I think you got it backwards, driving by just watching in front of you is "price action" and using traffic data,weather data etc is ta 🦫

  17. What kind of trailertrash Is this,hoodratchets all around.🧐 Wish I didn't see this vid lol

  18. I would’ve said, “Why, did you wanted to make out with your cum?”

  19. Shorts, puts, leveraged reverse indexes 🚀. We’re entering the bull trap part of the Kindleberger-Minsky bubble model where it peaks at “return to normal” before capitulating to hell

  20. Credit will almost always be at an ATH in nominal terms. Inflation guarantees that. GDP has basically doubled in the last 20 years. Housing will go through waves. Unemployment won’t tick up because we literally don’t have enough employees to work the existing jobs. The only thing that will cause the market to go down is an increase in yields and a repricing of equities based on higher rates. Not the economy.

  21. Good luck on your journey OP. I recently stepped out of crypto into the traditional market. Mainly spy and qqq. I chose fidelity. I’m limited to using my cell phone 80% of the time due to work. The app is a little antiquated. I activated real time quotes and used that Friday. The app is a little confusing to me. But I’m going to keep at it. Do some serious research. And happy trading

  22. Tldr, placed order it didn't filled immediately - allowed to cancel, fidelity placed order by themselves and didn't update positions ,I lost money on winnable trade,first 15min price went down to capture at least 30% gains,I'm scalper not holder...

  23. The market goes through these delusional periods where it doesn’t believe the Fed will do what it says it will continue to do, then reality hits again like a slap in the face. It’s no coincidence to me it reversed right off the downtrend line.

  24. What started this rally in June tho ? It keep ripping short sellers faces off clean for 2 months

  25. You kind of answered the question. Market participates were over leveraged on the short side especially big hedge funds that can’t reverse their trades in a day without causing big upside moves.

  26. Thanks man🤝 looks like digging back is very good way to learn price creation,it took me good 30 min to dig back and forth and put together everything out make sense of price.🦔🦔🦔

  27. Lol, should've just stand up and walk away from first signs of dating is kinda meh,irl it used to be natural,you see each other and feel butterflies in stomach and nobody ghosting you. Can't advise anything,sheet happens 🦫

  28. why would you waste time watching 6 charts that are going to do the same thing, barring some company specific news? are you gonna be like oh tsla is breaking out, time for amzn calls? I watch things like DXY, TNX, commodities, KWEB, indices, then specific set ups on things that will move

  29. For my scalping they are great, usually what happens is before huge move some of them start going earlier by few seconds it's enough for me to recognize that we are bout to move. I constantly switch between spy/aapl/amzn/TSLA/goog/msft/nvda. Some of them is always leading.

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