1. NTA BUT like others have said, if you’re using alcohol to cope with anxiety even casually (and especially if you do it alone) you very well are setting yourself up for a bad relationship with drinking.

  2. I don’t not believe them but let’s not pretend they weren’t also cancelled years ago for being a liar and manipulator

  3. thomas is a trans woman whose pronouns are she/they. also, the cancelation of which you speak was manufactured by jeffree star lol.

  4. I didn’t know they transitioned! Thank you for correcting me. That being said, whether it was manufactured by JS or not - they’re still a grifter and e-begger

  5. NTA - I think it’s great you want to set and teach your child boundaries. Usually it seems like it’s the parents that enable age inappropriate-behavior as opposed to the other way around. I fully agree 11 is too old for lap sitting but you really went about it in an awful way.

  6. I’m sure I’ll get downvoted for my pov but I honestly don’t see a problem with cowtipping when it comes to Chantal - there’s nothing I want to see more than her wretched downfall and she deserves it.

  7. I’d put money on them not even making it down the aisle. I mean I’m impressed owen’s lasted this long poor guy must not have a backbone to speak of.

  8. “Hard work” as if she isn’t unemployed, living off family money and drinking during mid week morning hair appointments….. she wouldn’t know real hard work if it smacked her in the face and burst her lip balloons

  9. I also have to wonder if she can even afford to buy the tickets home rn….. it might be part of the explanation for her endless terrible couples content recently is milking the superchats for as much as she can get

  10. Real question, would a hospital even accept someone with this level of ridiculous demands? (that also surely go against hospital policy in many cases?)

  11. YTA and it’s a shame I don’t have the expertise to dox and report you to your local authorities for driving uninsured

  12. Listen IT IS dangerous to put a dog near a snowboard/skis, whether they’re bred for the snow or not. Snow equipment have sharp edges for speed.

  13. Maybe some bootleg betterhelp-like-company? Wasn't there a doc, that lady from Shane Dawson series got caught not being a real licenced therapist orsm?

  14. Actually about three years ago or about six months after Shane’s jake Paul “documentary” that she featured it, some YouTube investigations found evidence that that same therapist friend of Shane’s very well may have started or been a cofounder of better help itself….. not sure how credible it is but it seemed right down the alley of her lack of professionalism

  15. Apparently they were never really friends - John just played it up like they were. Michelle put out a video talking about her not understanding they/them pronouns. IMO it wasn't disrespectful at all - she was just speaking about not grasping the concept and it was in response to Demi Lovato who was using them. John put out this whole video where he was acting super melodramatic and called her out for being hateful and offensive. If they were really friends, that conversation would have happened offline and not monetized. Michelle said later on that they were never really friends but he pushed that narrative for his own image and he only acted like a friend when it suited him.

  16. She also said though she doesn’t understand them she’d always work to use the correct pronouns and respect other people’s identities and he created this narrative that’s she’s a raging transphobe

  17. She says all the time she doesn’t attack chantal’s weight and looks (she absolutely does) and I think she hides herself bc she can’t handle being called out similarly. I haven’t followed her in ages bc everything about her is mean spirited, hypocritical, and redundant

  18. as an ex recreational mdma user you’re absolutely TA. mdma KILLS. It causes far more damage to your brain and lifespan than weed could and while your friend isn’t right for pressuring you either. There’s a huge difference in the harm. Moreover, md is the kind of drug you need to be in the right headspace for and even if you are, you can still have an extremely bad trip. If he’s nervous beforehand he’s absolutely not going to enjoy it.

  19. YTA - get into therapy to address your issues with intimacy and affection asap before you do the same damage to your daughter your father did to you.

  20. “Somebody got me sick… let me parade around in public without a mask because the last two years taught me nothing”

  21. Absolutely NTA - as a tribal citizen myself it IS racist and insensitive of her. Claiming any percent “native blood” doesn’t mean you have experienced life as an Indigenous person and doesn’t give you the right to co-op culture you have no genuine relationship with. Only certain tribes even used teepees.

  22. I just applied to adopt a 16 year old FelV cat and I couldn’t be more excited. I know there will be many vet trips in my future but giving a senior cat the best last few months/years would be such an honor. I literally cannot believe (actually I can unfortunately) how disgusting and self absorbed chinny is. She’ll never learn and she’ll never grow. I truly hope she goes before the cats do.

  23. NTA but your husband sounds pretty dismissive of your needs and incapable of taking care of the home himself

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