My Dad demonstrates how to properly fold these annoying fitted sheets

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  1. Is there a way to change the gradient color?

  2. Thanks. All my other widgets are saying 0 degrees, so I think it’s a XenInfo/Xenhtml problem. Xenhtml bricked my phone, so hopefully a full restart will help. It’s worked before

  3. I know both brands pretty well. And I also follow Peddling Pizza on IG. (That dude has probably stirred up a vision inside so many of us to start a knock-off of his badass setup in our own neck of the woods - I know I’ve played with the idea.)

  4. I have no experience with either one, nor any experience with baking for larger crowds than 4 hungry people (including myself), and I was not aware of said YouTube/Instagram channel . So there's that... Skip the rest if I don't qualify.

  5. My favourite so far is the 50% biga with 66% Hydration. The Buffalo mozzarella may have helped :)

  6. Same for me, 12 hours, 103 matches, 1612 elims and apparently level 12… doesn’t really make sense

  7. It does make sense, you are not very good 😂 joking aside if you really made it to level 30 and got the email with only level 12 that must hurt.

  8. Hey man sorry for the late reply.

  9. Looking great. Unfortunately till we can share filtered DB view with clients without exposing the whole master Tasks DB, Notion will only be good for an internal Team.

  10. i think this would not mix it very well, the centrifugal force will simply hold the juice on one side of the bottle without mixing. Just shaking by hand will make better job than this.

  11. 1* share a linked database view (without giving access to the entire database)

  12. Notion can be great for “internal” projects and issues. You can create almost a perfect system. You can use the API to overcome some of the shortcomings like recurring tasks and calendar sync.


  14. As a temporary workaround, you can create two headings and arrange them in columns. After you have the columns, you can add the Databases below the titles. A pain, but at least you can use it before it is fixed.

  15. Could you provide the wallpaper please?

  16. Hi, I'm having the same issue here and understand how to set a different DNS on the PlayStation but where do I get that DNS from? Could I somehow have everything but the PS4 using cloudfare and the PS4 using google?

  17. Look in your query logs for any domains returned forwarded (blocked) from Cloudflare but not from Google. That indicates that domain is being blocked by Cloudlfare.

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