January 6th gold medal recipients ignore replican handshakes during ceremony

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  1. They would need a whole wave of support to really do anything, and they have already gotten a shit ton of support. Best case you get 1 piece but that won't change anything

  2. Idk chief I think the op is amazing. It captures the feeling of the arc perfectly

  3. Nice we got some original content with Re Destro. I think the episode adapted 1 chapter kinda curious where the season will end. It's possible season 7 starts with Stars and Stripes v Shigaraki but 1st cours usually begin with the students POV so maybe they'll adapt that fight after the Aoyama reveal

  4. I think the post credit scene of the season will be stars and stripes flying in on the plane and shigaraki meeting her. And season 7 will open with the fight

  5. Watched ep 14 and no. I refuse to accept Midnight died. I was hoping they would realize they made a BS mistake in the manga and correct it in the anime. They didn't and I refuse to believe they are that stupid. So Midnight survived.

  6. Damn I guess you simp hard for her, well I'm glad they did it to show this anime has stakes and not everyone can get out ok

  7. Did you not watch the anime???? he explained already he wants to be the demon king

  8. You can't ask for illegal sites, it's in the rules

  9. As someone who doesn't like Sky Strikers due to their Spells being absolutely stupidly designed, I do like the support they have been getting.

  10. Yea but no1 is gonna play the new shit cuz they are fair cards lol

  11. Mitch McConnell is just as evil as Chuck Schumer. What’s their problem?

  12. The point is republicans are the ones who were responsible for Jan 6th lmao

  13. Well I currently don’t have the manga on hand. That’s why I asked. What’s more. I also wanted the words in the proper German.

  14. Just google bleach chapter whatever # and read it

  15. Well imma r say something. I DONT KNOW WHAT CHAPTER NUMBER IT IS! WHY TF DO YOU THINK I ASKED HERE? It’s a discussion channel, I should be allowed to ask a damn question.

  16. Dude don't be a lazy fuck. It'll take you 5 minutes to find out what chapter it is with a Google search brother. If you really wanna know you'll take a couple minutes to find out.

  17. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but if I recall correctly, I believe it was officially stated by Kubo that she is the spirit, or at least part of it, and at the same time the actual spirit is an adult woman

  18. Yes I think tubo confirmed she is the bankai form of his zanpaktou

  19. Oh God why. I really hope they don't censor it to hell

  20. Lmao how could they censor it when they only have the streaming rights???? Do you people think before you type????

  21. No need to be a dick about it. It's Disney. They have the money to do what they want and an image to protect. God forbid some of us think about the scenes where Yumichika is telling Giselle he "reeks of semen" may piss off the big Mouse.

  22. Lmao get real Disney has rated R things on their platform. If they didn't censor Deadpool they won't censor this.

  23. Yesssss 1 of the most slept on anime of the entire year!!!

  24. Can someone give my a concise summary of what made RoK good? I haven’t watched it because of the art style but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying shows like Aggretsuko and Mob Psycho before.

  25. Why did you post the same thing 3 separate times???

  26. He mastered it by the 2nd Muscular fight. It was right at the beginning of his little vigilante trip.

  27. Yea the 2nd muscle fight was a couple months after the war arc

  28. No, it wasn’t. They initially had 2 months until Shigaraki was going to be ready, which after the Stain intel was revised to be 1 months. Then they gained 1 week because of Star.

  29. 3-4 weeks is better than whoever was bitching above saying it took him days to learn them. One would assume after the war arc they ramped up training cuz shit got serious

  30. Cuz he would temporarily do it, they make it seem like a 1 off thing it returned to him so if he does it again no guarantee it'll come back to him.

  31. Since the one shot takes place after the manga you tell me

  32. I don't think he's great but I definitely think he's better then he gets credit for

  33. This made me laugh way harder then it should have

  34. Season 2 to me is better than season 1 but both seasons are fantastic. How about you form your own opinion and you don't drop a show cuz you heard this or heard that lmao

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