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  1. I really dig the Japanese voices! They sound badass and I'm used to them as an avid animu consumer.

  2. Late question from a midgame casual. I know we're about to get a crazy 4-character collab, and who knows, maybe a Ch 4 limited after. I haven't pulled on the the group summon at all, but am considering Ran/Peira/Cerise. I have more than 3 pities saved- do you think these 3 warrant at least one pity to grab any of them?

  3. Digimon Cyber Sleuth should be one of the better Digimon games for a Pokemon player. With that said its a lot more Story based then pokemon, and if you do all the side quest it can seem to drag on a bit but I enjoyed both games (more so the DLC but I would play the base game first).

  4. Oh wow, that sounds exciting! I'm not OP but have no experience with Digimon as a whole. I was interested in some of the recent games, but this really sounds like a best starting point! I'm familiar with SMT so that may be a closer point of reference than pokemon, but it still sounds satisfying. You mentioned evolution for your mons- do you ever have multiple evolution options for the same digimon?

  5. Adlay is so ready to become (another) badass shounen MC, hope he gets one!

  6. What seemingly pvp-oriented characters are surprisingly good in pve/adventure? Violet has impressed me, with a cleanse and counter he's more impressive than what I've seen out of Celine/A Coli so far, for instance.

  7. Is there a recall period for hwayoung. As in do we have say for example only 7 days to recall hee

  8. I just checked earlier, it looks like you have until the 10th- so barely another week.

  9. Elway was the 2nd best QB prospect ever (only behind Luck), and he had no ACLs. That dude was literally just built different.

  10. I don't know the story. Is it more that Elway already had ACL injuries as a prospect, or he just never had significant injuries?

  11. Any opinions on a ML5 to pick for mostly PvE+ GW? I have Arby, Stene, Clilias, Sylvian, and Solitaria as my only ML5s.

  12. Thanks so much for the giveaway, I hope the app keeps growing! :)

  13. Anyone play Pillars of Eternity 2 on console? how is it?

  14. Same question, wondering how performance is on base ps4- I might have to wait on it.

  15. If you want something with great price to performance, get this:

  16. As a newbie who's been looking to get a first gaming PC (if it wasn't for the price of graphics cards the past couple of years) this is awesome to see! This seems like an ideal for me, I've never cared about 4K, but 60fps/1080 would be great, and 1440p sounds like a treat in itself. I've never attempted to put together a desktop PC and saw the BIOS incompatibility. Is that a legitimate issue or should this all work out of the box mostly?

  17. How is Rise of the Third Power? Actually playing through Ara Fell right now- another game from the same dev. It's pretty great and really nails the classic feel of a jrpg but with QoL/sensibilities of something modern.

  18. May your pulls be shiny and your pity be unnecessary!

  19. I grabbed Ed and plan to use him regardless of whether he's buffed or not- should I grab his artifact from the shop? Also what artifacts would be generally top priority for powder shop?

  20. I love the positioning of the element right on top of the gun, water 🔫 time. Also very useful, thanks for this and the rest of the new characters!

  21. Just saw this recently. Absolutely fantastic and draws you in so hard- one of the most compelling movies I've seen.

  22. Still waiting for divinity original sin to click,I will keep coming back to it every 6 months until I love it because on paper it should be my favorite game in the world. I usually end up having to take a break and when coming back I get lost with what to do and where I was in the story or how I was role-playing my character and just lose interest.

  23. Similar story for me, I played about 10 or so hours of OS1 and put it down right after beating a brutal boss, something about it didn't feel satisfying. I tried OS2 about a year later and put it down after 10-15 hours because every battle felt like it took ages and didn't feel as interesting as it felt like it should? Relatable with how I'm role-playing the characters.

  24. Thinking of picking up Star Ocean TLH and Till the end of time. Recently been getting into older classics.

  25. I'd recommend them, just picked up TLH to replay after doing the same with TtEoT a few months back. It held up surprisingly well and was a blast! I played them when they came out but was still impressed by the crafting system this time around as well.

  26. I've been debating whether to go for SS Vivian- I can pity and recently got C Lillias. Vivian seems like she would be useful for anyone having trouble with sustain, and that's my biggest problem. I can't roll good tanky gear and don't have any good tanks built. I also don't have A Ras since I haven't done episode 2 yet.

  27. Am I missing something? Is it not worth trying SC Alexa and Sigret both? My comp has been Ange/Furious/Sigret/SSB, so I thought to maybe use SC Alexa instead of SSB. I barely got Muwi but my team has been working.

  28. No, you can use both. That's what I call a 'normal' run.

  29. Awesome analysis, it's much appreciated! This is great, that means I can put Drink back on SSB. I quite like Muwi's design too, I just never knew he was a clear-cut upgrade, thank you!

  30. I just recently played through a full campaign of this (On hard) so I can chime in somewhat. It is interesting in a few ways- namely tons of customization, from tons of weapon types/musous/clothing. The difficulty scaling and enemy AI though? A monkey could beat the game...I feel like there's never a sense of danger or difficulty in any reasonable way. Unless maybe you want super tanky enemies on Chaos?

  31. Thats what I heard about as well if i had a console i’d definitely play 7 empires and samurai warriors 4 empires. Thank you! I’ll just wait for sale to try it out

  32. Of course! Can't go wrong with SW4E for sure! Playing DW8E just made me miss it, so I think I'm headed back to it. If you end up with non-Empires games on your radar, I'm actually loving WO4U right now- though that may be a minority opinion on this sub lol.

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