1. Not gonna lie, how must Schreuder feel. Full pressure on his job. Angry fans. Creates chance after chance for 55 minutes straight. Something like 2.5 xG at the 55 minute mark. Volendam get ☝️ minor chance… 0-1.

  2. I feel like a lot of managerial spells end like this. Someone’s under pressure for ages, team’s playing like shit, then you have a game where they actually play ok it just doesn’t go their way, and then that’s the end of it

  3. I still think Lawson has what it takes but maybe I’m in denial

  4. It’s pretty well known that zhou brought nowhere near the funds he was expected to I could personally see them signing mick who has 1a1 for backing and is a German driver

  5. The fact that he’s still got a seat says to me he’s bringing plenty of cash

  6. For a newer INDYCAR fan, who is Wickens? Why is everyone so happy about his potential return?

  7. Superb driver who had an awful crash, somehow survived despite breaking just about everything you can, but is now paraplegic. Made a return to racing last year with hand controls in touring cars

  8. Sacking Richardson just to replace him with Toure looks even more mental now than it did at the time, and that’s saying something

  9. Except they signed the agreement and Andretti has fulfilled their side. Or is it okay to sign legally binding documents and then just ignore them to you

  10. Andretti haven’t fulfilled a single thing, they haven’t even applied for an entry yet, let alone been rejected

  11. France left CBs at home better than those that start for England.

  12. Stones and Maguire had a superb tournament once again

  13. Taking out Saka immediately after conceding and not putting Rashford until 5 mins before the end helped the lads Gary?

  14. Saka was dead on his feet and we’ve got great impact subs in his position

  15. If he’s innocent he’ll get snapped up by a club. He was one of the best LB’s in the world on his day before this.

  16. He was great in about 2017, has had big injuries since then, played like shit, and now haven’t played in 18 months

  17. Boehly launched in overdrive, no wonder FSG are looking to get out, how are you supposed to compete if you're not

  18. Yeah TV money is huge but unless your signings are near immaculate and you’re a bit lucky (Brighton and Brentford) it doesn’t really feel like you can compete in the market anymore without a super rich owner pumping 9 figures in a year

  19. Wouldn’t say us or Brentford are where we are from luck. Obviously we won’t hit at the rate we are forever but it’s clearly down to a clear philosophy.

  20. I didn’t mean to sound harsh but what you’ve said is my exact point. You can’t hit at that rate forever and as you get better the singings will get more expensive and therefore more risky. Look at Leicester over the last couple of years

  21. Toto sounds like he is no longer up for a challenge & is scared of Andretti/Cadillac.

  22. No manufacturer is scared of a customer team that doesn’t even exist yet. They just don’t want to give up more money

  23. Well it’s the Premier League Player of the Month

  24. I mean have we forgotten that Hauger won f3? And that he was a rookie last year with 2 wins in a shit car and probably the most unlucky in the whole field?

  25. It's gonna be funny in November when everyone pretends they always expected Leclerc to do well

  26. He played him and he scored. Plus the other options were Saka and Foden who were/are in superb form, and Sterling who always delivers for England. He’d have been called an idiot every game no matter which two he left on the bench

  27. He played a Sterling, who had just come back from the UK after his family had suffered a difficult situation over a Rashford who had already bagged 3 goals and was clearly inform. What kinda thinking would even make Sterling an effective option? You cant seriously ignore the context in this situation.

  28. Sterling was not a starter after he came back

  29. DiNatale was a boss. One of my favorite players all time. I think the fact that he decided to stay at Udinese makes him an even bigger legend than if he chased titles.

  30. I don’t think many would disagree with you but the sentiment is completely different for Kane for some reason

  31. This was a great article I think it was well-balanced and presented fairly.

  32. I generally like Indycar commentary a lot but they’re very clearly biased when it comes to driving standards. Something like that from Grosjean gets immediate accusation of it being deliberate whereas Rossi (I think at Mid-Ohio?) had them all laughing

  33. Not from his perspective. Made him and Coutinho a fuck ton of money

  34. What's happened to him? Felt like there was a big noise about him a couple of seasons ago, then he picked up an injury and seems to have gone cold since.

  35. He picked up an injury and has gone cold since

  36. Honestly I'm afraid that Pourchaire future isn't in F1 anymore, the F2 grid this season is going to be tense and there isn't really an urge at Sauber to replacing one of the twodrivers for Pourchaire.

  37. He’s easily better than Zhou so if Sauber still have him it should be a no brainer. Should have been this season but the money is too nice

  38. It's funny how he was hailed as a mega superstar when he won Monaco 2021 and now it's a win or bust

  39. The reaction to any Monaco win is way over the top. I like Pourchaire but that was mental how much praise he got

  40. He did work for Saudi and China after he retired but I don’t see what relevance that has to this

  41. That’s cool, and good that everything’s remaining unchanged. Not like Trevor and Stephanie were the owners before tbf. More nice looking Rodin branding is a win

  42. All it will probably mean is a livery tweak , could look quite rubbish if they just throw Rodin gold accents on their current livery.

  43. In F2 I imagine it’ll be minimal for now, both Fittipaldi and Maloney bring ample sponsorship of their own as well as the obvious RB liveries

  44. Did not see this coming, but it's fair to say he hasn't had a succesful stint with us. Hope he has a better time of things in Italy

  45. I mean he was a part of the best defence in championship history. It definitely wasn’t all bad

  46. Tell you what these footballers are more composed than most because Murphy would have been lamped for that at a lower level

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