1. Generally noone should hit anyone but I think people of all genders can hit people of all genders equally if men can't hit women women can't hit men if women can hit men men can hit women. The ability to defend yourself should never be questioned by gender

  2. Yeah. You can punch a girl if you'd also punch a guy with roughly the same build in the same situation. Maybe you're an overly violent asshole but at least it's not in a mysogynistic way.

  3. Cover of "Les Yeux Revolver" by Le Parfait Inconnu is pretty good

  4. Posts that are funnier to people completely unfamiliar with the concept of xreaders

  5. Steven does NOT get enough love! Despite not going for blonds usually, my teenage self was absolutely besotted 😍

  6. SAME. He's not necessarily my usual type but man does he have a beautiful smile.

  7. I'm paraphrasing a bit, but "She looked back at the orphanage and thought it looked like a little death" "a little death" is a French euphemism for an orgasm, it took me a minute to figure out that the character didn't look at an orphanage full of children and [email protected] just cream her pants, I'm still unsure what the author was originally trying to convey because I told them and nope the wording choice was deliberate, but I'm still confused by it because the term "a little death" means nothing in English.

  8. Dunno if you're french, but personally it doesn't shock me. I'm aware the idiom exists but it's not super common anyway, and it's definitely not the first thing that comes to mind when I see a similar formulation in another language. In the count of monte cristo musical they have a song that repeats "every day a little death" in the chorus and it's probably the furthest situation from anything orgasm-like in existence.

  9. Yeah, the first example is pure cringe. OP, don't speak like this. Some slangs are fine, but don't learn them from the wannabe hardass, rap edgelords.

  10. Literary writing is not cringe lmao, it's not accurate to how people talk in everyday life but that's what the medium is meant to be.

  11. /uj ngl I think standards for “passing” are very different based on geographic location. For example, I know like in some places and settings if you don’t wear a lot of makeup people might think you’re sick or a lesbian or just womaning wrong in general, but where I live it’s pretty common so it might be easier to pass as a femme here

  12. You don't have to come out if you don't want to, you're not wasting an opportunity you're just living your life

  13. 3,4,&5 are Stadelhofen train station in Zürich - the building which made Calatrava famous. (He should have stuck to transit)

  14. Would it be okay for a person to cut off one of their limbs if they claim it would make them feel better abou themselves? Cause this is the only reason why trans women chop their dick off.

  15. I can't wait to grow up so I can go see movies with cute girls and fall off a roof, which is probably gonna be a bit easier when I'm legally allowed to drink and am not stuck with my parents all the time.

  16. How's it purposefully misinterpreting language used to help people talk about their problems to promote "suck it up" as your brilliant path to personal growth?

  17. Buddy the only thing I've said about my mental state is that I was tired and annoyed at christmas being very omnipresent. Talk about misinterpreting lol

  18. Les paragraphes. Mon dieu les paragraphes. Je lis de tout, particulièrement sur internet. Je suis prêt à lire des trucs très débutants, très mal faits, très bizarres, tant que y'a de l'idée derrière. Je peux passer les fautes d'orthographe, les scénarios mal rythmés, les dialogues lourds, n'importe quoi. Mais une histoire en un seul énorme paragraphe, c'est le seul truc que je lirais jamais. C'est absolument imbitable.

  19. Blood splattering the camera is epic if you have no budget.

  20. If it exists, it's the poorest French I've heard and must be pretty recent addition to French.

  21. It's not "poor" french, it's an idiom. Language is in constant evolution and dismissing the evolutions brought by poor people, young people, or people of color doesn't make you better at linguistics, you're just putting on blinders and ignoring what you don't understand. Stop sucking the academy's dick you condescending arse.

  22. There was literally no need for this level of aggression. While yes language is constantly changing that doesn't mean that everything is proper to say now. There are things that will get a weirder reaction because they either don't exist or are rarely said. I assume the original commenter is either native or lives in a country where French is spoken. Their observation in that case is valuable and very valid.

  23. I'm native and that's a sentence that exists, is fairly common and perfectly understandable even to people who aren't familiar with it because it's so transparent, and nowhere near a "recent addition".

  24. Depends what textures you have issues with. Usually it's good to start with hiding it in something you can already eat. For examples, it might be easier to drink a smoothie than to eat a fruit, or hide peas in mashed potatoes, or bake a cake with undetectable fruits, or

  25. i stared at this for a while, tho i got your meaning right away the graphic was a little confusing when i started to think about it. Like, would the resting spot be the town that will be destroyed when the dam (aka breasts) would be gone. The water can be 'desire to pass'

  26. Nah the thought of the pet gecko losing her resting spot is what's stopping op's want to get top surgery.

  27. Thanks for digging! I’d say it’s sci-fi but also kind of realistic. Like on the boundary between sci-fi and standard fiction. I think too heavy for YA.

  28. No problem! I'm worried the search engine isn't as powerful/precise as I thought it was unfortunately, it's my first time using it but based on my attempts to reverse-engineer solved posts in this sub it might not be a sure way to find it at all.

  29. Effectivement, probablement une différence régionale.

  30. C'est sûrement de l'usage géographique que ça vient, comme un autre commentaire le disait. C'est fou, moi dans l'est ça me paraît tout naturel comme tournure de phrase, j'aurais pensé que ce serait plus commun. Après c'est vrai j'ai pas particulièrement de souvenir de l'avoir entendu de la part de gens qui viennent d'ailleurs.

  31. Tu es d'où ? C'est pas un truc que je dirais ou que je pense avoir entendu, mais vu qu'on dit "sur Paris", pourquoi pas, c'est juste temporel au lieu d'être spatial.

  32. Yes. Some individuals might not identify that way and that's perfectly fine, but some others are, and as a whole they are queer. They're deviating from the norm and thus are part of the community.

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