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  1. To be honest trans women actually prove her point about what cis women go through and experience.

  2. As a Swede : 0_0 I'd recommend trying with lingonberrie sauce and potatoes.

  3. I feel like we all have that one plant we just can’t look after. For me it’s pepperomias , so pretty but no matter what I do they die! some say to just do nothing, they’re supposed to be hardy plants that can survive neglect. I guess they just don’t like me!

  4. Right? I’m starting to think I am a carrier for some herb disease! My dad would just tell me to get a backyard 🫠

  5. I've done backyard herbs and window sill herbs, cloche herbs.... still death to all. All year round. No season stands out as being reason for their death.

  6. Yeah, I’m originally from SC and moved to Cali, in both places (at least from what I’ve seen) it’s called the heel

  7. we joke that he was a king/prince in his past life.. and that he’s only slightly upset that he’s just a cute lookin kitty this time around. lol

  8. Oh, you mean the grandson of the great Cotton Hill who had his shins blown off by a Japan man's machine gun and the had his feet attached to his knees? I thought it was maybe the bobby that got Whitney Houston addicted to cocaine.

  9. Actually, Achilles wouldn’t have been considered “gay” as he was the active part of the copulation or a “top” for want of a better word. Interestingly neither would Patroclus as until men reached around middle age this was acceptable.

  10. I read an article titled "Brokeback Mount Olympus". ...... can't really recall the details in the article, but I absolutely loved title. Ha.

  11. Wow! That dress is awesome! The purse is super cool but almost too realistic, I think I’d be so confused if I saw you carrying that 🤣

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