There is a reasonable and logical way to lower abortions

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  1. I think it’s all relative, crime is really not bad compared to other cities, and the city is at least trying to address homeless issues (especially compared to vast tent cities in other cities). Housing affordability needs to change, but we were lucky to buy ten years ago so not a personal problem for us. Love the public schools in our area, amazing community/friends. We also love that there are the amenities of a big city, but we also see people we know almost every time we go out (and is a little more family friendly as far as activities, safety, etc). I don’t even really get the traffic complaints, but then again I moved here from a much bigger city so…all relative.

  2. Also it’s hot, but at least you can still hangout outside in the mornings and evenings- even with a high of 100! I’m colder climates you can’t “hang out” outside basically from November to April, so I’ll take the four months of hot afternoons.

  3. Ah the Cloakroom. When I moved to Austin in 2010 from Chicago the bartender (pretty sure THE bartender most people know) told me they “didn’t take out of state IDs”. Tf?! Haven’t been back since. Definitely an institution though!

  4. 72 constantly but our house is surrounded by mature shade trees (almost no direct sun except over our garage) and relatively new windows (and new HVAC). We moved NW from the east side where our house was just baking in the sun (no tree cover, and old windows) and that made a big difference in where we can keep the thermostat through the summer.

  5. With kids/work I rarely have time to do a bread specific stop, so we always get Easy Tiger sourdough at our H‑E‑B. It’s pretty great! Not sure if all H‑E‑B locations carry it though

  6. Does it have to be cookies? Donut Hub on 620 does amazing custom donuts and Ive seen them do Pokémon ones before. They did a golf themed set for my son and they were all great!

  7. Just came here to say this! We got two dozen Pokémon donuts for my sons birthday and each donut was a different Pokémon (which I didn’t even request specifically). They do an awesome job.

  8. Be like really intentionally unfunny/trying to be funny in a cringe way with a group of people. I think about this often- I think I’m trying subconsciously to counter my crippling desire to be liked by everyone around me

  9. I brought fact this up to conservative relatives and discovered pro-life people are also anti-IUD! They said because it stops a fertilized embryo from implanting, therefore “killing” it 😑

  10. Lots of “guy friends” you genuinely liked and trusted who actually just waited for their moment to try to hook up.

  11. One of my bridesmaids, a newer friend I had made but was hanging out with all the time. I was super chill and let bridesmaids get their own dresses and shoes just in a color family (neutral/earthy) and she got HOT orange shoes and then had a huge tantrum when I asked her if she could choose a different shoe. She also called me the day after my bachelorette party and the day before my wedding having a huge breakdown that she thought I liked her the “least” of the bridesmaids and that she thought everyone thought she was being the “worst” bridesmaid. She also didn’t get me a shower or a wedding present and told me it was the other bridesmaids’ fault because “they were supposed to get a group gift” and they backed out of it without telling her, which everyone else confirmed was a lie. She told me that like the week before the wedding and I’m like 1. I don’t need a gift and 2. You still have a week to get me one if it’s such a big deal? At the wedding she told me my husband’s ring was ugly. Needless to say we are no longer friends. Moral of the story don’t ask someone you have only known for a year!

  12. OMG someone just brought this to a potluck today, first time I have seen it. Theirs was topped with mayo and a maraschino cherry. Lots of questionable “salads” in the south…

  13. Ok so just so I understand. The premise is to take a bite and get what I presume to be canned pear, about a teaspoon sized glob of mayo, and a cherry? I would try this if the mayo was like, thinly spread out of curiosity but thinking of a blob of mayo makes me heave.

  14. Yeah exactly, and the texture combo of the shredded cheese/mayo/canned pear/cherry? I’m pretty adventurous but I couldn’t do it

  15. Basically any drive-thru or take-out fries are going to get soggy and lame by the time you get home. Gotta eat them fresh.

  16. One time as I was leaving my living room (in a previous apartment) I heard a slide and a crash. My glass candle slid across the top of my TV (old heavy box TV with flat top) and crashed into the opposing wall. I’m pretty skeptical about supernatural stuff and still think about how this could have happened. It was a flat surface, I was alone, it wasn’t under/next to vents, TV was off.

  17. And the TV still worked afterwards? the only thing I can imagine is that the vacuum tube burst inside it which can release a considerable amount of force, but then the TV wouldn't work

  18. Yep TV worked totally fine, turned it on and off again, then unplugged for a while because I got freaked out. Then used it the next day and for a while afterwards.

  19. This just reminded me of an adult friend who thought New England was like present day England as opposed to “Old England like in the olden days”

  20. Sad to hear there may be distribution issues. I have gotten it at Specs and Total Wine in the past and am almost out now! So many good cocktail possibilities (the Last Word is my fave)

  21. That’s the cocktail I’m trying to make! I guess good things come to the patient. Anywhere in town that makes a good one?

  22. I had my first one at Highball which made me start experimenting with the ratios at home. I bet Tigress makes a great one too

  23. It’s likely the sensor disk isn’t aligned right on the WaterRower so it’s giving bad data to the S4 monitor. Try this:

  24. THANK YOU!!! Did that sensor disk fix. I had searched the help forums and just missed that. Just did a quick test and got 468m in 2 mins, 26 stroke rate- that sounds way more accurate.

  25. Don't know what's up with the monitor. Odd. But your technique needs a bit of attention. Your drive looks ok - you're connected, but the recovery You're doing that lifty-over-the-knees thing that novices do. Hands away, body rocks over, then slide. You're also compressing at the catch too much. Aim for vertical shins, with weight on the balls of your feet. The idea is that you can then hang your bodyweight off the handle, and use that to drive the boat. Takes (a lot of!) practice. Very satisfying though. Kudos for posting a video!

  26. That is helpful thanks! I have no experience or training just tried to learn form from YouTube videos, lol. I’ll work on it! Another comment suggested counting the stroke rate compared to the monitor and it was 26 not 40 so…guess I need a replacement

  27. WR's annoyingly vague on this subject claiming water volume only refers to the weight of the 'boat'. I can tell you it's a lot easier putting water in than taking it out.

  28. Fill to the lowest line and see how it feels. You're relatively small for a rower, so better to start "light" since if you were in a single, there would be less resistance.

  29. Okay that makes sense, so it’s basically how much weight would be in the boat. I’ll give it a try, thanks!

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