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  1. Have you ever seen Gary Busey and Trump in the same room? No? I rest my case!

  2. Let’s be clear, Trump and his 3 oldest shitbag children all stole money from children with cancer.

  3. If there were an afterlife, a fitting end for them would be to face every child who could have benefited from that money, one by one, and have to justify it to them.

  4. He still wouldn't care. He does not have the capacity to care for anyone or anything except himself.

  5. I know. But I’d still like to see how long it’d take to break him, if it could.

  6. Female Majin: They’re well known for being really good at strike supers and quick stamina regen. So with that in mind, boost Ki Supers and Stamina super high (this makes your Stamina take much longer to recharge after being broken compared to a small bar).

  7. Best they can do is a copy of all of the Rosetta Stone software.

  8. IRGC forces should sleep with both eyes open, lest they lose them.

  9. If Zen-oh has a boss, I’d have to wonder what he was thinking when he assigned Zen-oh to be the boss of the multiverse.

  10. I have to admit, I laughed my ass off when Beerus addressed Zen-oh and bowed his head straight through a stone table.

  11. There’s actually more than two sea dragons

  12. My daughter shook it yesterday, a pine cone fell off instead of a Pokémon. If she shook harder, probably Espeon. 😂

  13. If she keeps shaking Pinecos off that tree, she better watch out for Explosion.

  14. I think my favorite of all the ornaments is the Ditto Lapras. I don’t know why, but I really love that one.

  15. It's okay. You know that first beam that locks the enemy into place? During that animation nothing can hurt them. Plenty of moves have animations that give temp invulnerability to other attacks and is the bane of online cooperative play. So if you use EDB while the boss is being hit by a super spirit bomb, final explosion or something all that damage gets negated during the animation. If you've played dark souls it'd be like if you gave the boss a few iframes.

  16. Ahhh. That part of the attack gives the boss I-frames basically. Nobody explained that before, and I certainly never noticed. I’ve been away for awhile and hadn’t noticed it to be too bad on the Lite Raid (though obviously it was really easy since the boss had zero super armor).

  17. I think there are some posts that list moves that do that and there are worse offenders. Offhand I know divine lasso and (iirc) gigantic roar do it and are a faux pas in raids.

  18. Thank you very much! Your advice is greatly appreciated. I have just about all of that, so I should be set. I always try to get some pointers and whatnot when playing online to make sure I do my best and also don’t ruin other people’s experience, so your advice is really helpful. Thanks again!

  19. Same. I want to sound supportive, because I am, but it feels awkward voicing my opinion. Like it’s not entirely my place. I have no problem just supporting existing opinions, but posting my own even in a comment leaves me feeling odd and I tend to delete those fairly quickly.

  20. I first found a Greavard last night and when the Pokedex description popped up I said out loud "THATS SO SAD" he was just a good boy that died without human love 😞 and arven's questline gets me choked up ngl

  21. At least it gets the love it deserves from us trainers, eh?

  22. Dex says that the dog's body helps wheat grow, and for that reason, is treasured by villagers. I don't think it means treasured as a food.

  23. Which is why in one of the trailers you see one or three hanging out sleeping in a bakery.

  24. Next time, come in and vomit on their shoes.

  25. I believe Turles himself stated that low class Saiyans tend to look extremely similar. But I think it’s still a bad excuse for why he looks literally exactly the same as Goku, except his skin color’s more grey-ish.

  26. His hair is also slightly different. He has devil horns.

  27. Wow, if you hadn’t pointed that out, I’d have never seen that.

  28. That makes me think of the Gohan vs Cell Kamehameha clash at the end of the Cell Saga. Vegeta gets up and blasts Cell in the back, giving Gohan the opportunity to push every ounce of energy he has into it and overcome Cell’s beam and destroy him.

  29. I did this ONCE and got hate messages after… now I’ve got an entire raid variation with blue evolved and emperors death beam

  30. Wouldn’t it be better to use Super Vegeta 2 or Potential Unleashed over Blue and Blue Evolved since the ki drain will just decrease the number of shots you fire? Genuinely asking, because I haven’t done raids with Blue.

  31. I use a super soul that activates when I use emperors death beam, giving me a little bit of ki regen. As long as I’m fast, I’ve got about a second to start regenerating ki before blue evolved deactivates. I think it’s a golden frieza super soul

  32. I’d be using the super soul regardless of transformation, but yeah, makes sense. I was just curious about your thoughts on it was all. Thanks for humoring me.

  33. I wish some of the armor was a bit more customizable so we could get a look like that. The body gloves aren't terrible, but the blue just doesn't fit what I'm looking for in most characters, and the same goes with the white armor.

  34. Why in the hell did they think it was a good idea to put a gacha game in here? Oh yeah, because money.

  35. The game developed him only using 1 arm too so him having it is useless

  36. I forget the exact reason why he's stuck with it here while Kakarot has him missing it, but I imagine it had something to do with ratings or something. I imagine at some point they realized "Hey, ratings boards don't actually care about him missing an arm."

  37. because the reality is they don't have the numbers they don't have the weapons.

  38. It would be hilarious to watch them try, if only they wouldn’t kill a bunch of innocents in doing so.

  39. Can’t win? Then how did I beat him? 🧐

  40. I figured it was Illusory, but I thought it could have been someone else who’s been active a lot lately too.

  41. The lil floating ring you can see, mostly in the woods/pvp zone

  42. I forget which console it is, but I know on one console version they were/are bugged as all hell and will almost never appear. Someone did a video on that, but I can’t remember exactly who.

  43. I thought they stopped selling guns in 2016. And even then isn’t it mostly just hunting rifles? I don’t remember seeing an AR-15 last time i went up to walmart to pick up groceries.

  44. A number of Walmarts still sell hunting rifles and shotguns. But I can’t think of any that sell handguns.

  45. Yes because she wasn't one of his targets, she hadn't even been there a week.

  46. There was one person he mentioned in his note that he planned to spare because both he and her had someone die of cancer.

  47. The juxtaposition between "this is kinda NSFW" and then the image of a whole ass butt naked anime character is just... Pfft hahaha

  48. “Kinda NSFW” -> posts whole ass naked anime girl. Fucking WHAT. It’s like saying a dude whose head is completely gone is only “kinda dead.”

  49. pov: you’re still trying to find a vendor that sells 12.7mm

  50. I buy most of mine (I think, it’s been a while) from the Gun Runners or the Gun Runners guy at 188, below the main gathering point.

  51. When you need to shoot a bunch of 50 cal down range real fast but still accurately, accept no substitute.

  52. Those researchers, 40 years from now, reflecting on the downfall of humanity: "Yeah, I dunno. Maybe we should have kept those viruses in the permafrost"

  53. Where was Captain Hindsight when we needed him?!

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