1. Do you think you could make lagoon glass walls?

  2. Bit for the speech: I was so looking forward to growing old with my wife. Until I met my mother in law

  3. All of the Reddit people like ksi… lmao. What a ridiculous congregation of morons Reddit has become.

  4. And yet here you are commenting along with the rest of us morons 😊 Have a great day 😀

  5. Yup. I usually download Reddit 2-3 times a year because I need to use it for a specific purpose. It always gets deleted fairly quickly afterwards because the average user is about as perspicacious as a rock. Much like yourself and the rest of the idiots here that think “ksi” has anything positive to contribute to our lives.

  6. And again, here you are engaging with an 'idiot'. Is the specific purpose to say silly things online? That said, how may I ask do you contribute positivity to our lives? I haven't said anything about liking KSI. It's just a funny video. Go and have a sit down with a cup of tea, and have a good day 😊

  7. 2023 is Jurassic Park's (film) 30th anniversary, I think it would be cool if they did a DLC in recognition of it, but I am skeptical even then.

  8. That's my point exactly. I think we can keep our expectations real, but I don't think we can doubt that Frontier will do something. They gave us a free zipline for the 1yr anniversary. SURELY they'll do something for the JP anniversary. It'd be a rubbish business decision not to

  9. Or waterfalls we can built right up close to and use them as mini lagoons

  10. I woonder what happend to "Petting Zoo Attractions" ;(.

  11. I think we could still end up with assets to create zoos, like smaller fences and viewing domes, different feeders etc. Rather than a large single asset with an animation like the aviary in JWE which was OK, but made the game run so slowly

  12. The only Nazi Germany one that comes to mind is the Uwe Boll video.

  13. For this DLC, no. I thought Biosyn could've been included, which may have originally been the case as the game was due to launch in tandem with the film, but things happen.

  14. If we were still in JWE1, I would've thought we were getting a looped animation building. Like the aviary. But JWE2 is such a different and better game, I think if we did get one, they'll give us the components to make a petting zoo.

  15. Problem with petting zoo is that game is on old gne consoles. Problem with level of detail.

  16. I agree, I'm on a PS4 and in JWE1 the game was noticeably slower when I put the old animated aviary in a sandbox. JWE2 feels a lot more stable, and I'm happy they're giving us the option to move saved data over to PS5.

  17. They’ve put out a blog post on it! Will add the campaign maps to challenge mode, behavioural updates for small animals (Compsognathus, Moros, and Lystrosaurus), UI improvements, and colour customisation for the Camp Cretaceous and Bioysn variants (the Iguanodon variant in the new DLC also has colour customisation, but the Allosaurus and Dimorphodon don’t yet).

  18. I think what OP means is the full patch notes - like the complete bullet point list - hasn't been released yet. This week it'll be the marketing and sales spin on it, but we haven't got the complete breakdown

  19. I hope so. They did make a point to note that there's no transport options, like UI changes to show you more info when you move creatures. I know it's not related, but it'd feel like a great opportunity to fix both things at once. Yesterday was all about the DLC reveal. Next week will be the finer DLC details

  20. Dumb people thinking they’re smart. Reoccurring problem for our species.

  21. My money is on IShowSpeed ( the kid who was yelling in people's ears) for the James Head Kicking

  22. Yeah but it has not been confirmed, I don't think it's even in their plans anymore

  23. I know it isn't for this game but you asked what Dr Wu was, and the guy above said that that dlc had 5 dinos in it. DLC isn't restricted to any number of dinos. I think Frontier choose 3 and price it accordingly. They'll try and give us quality of life and base content for free as much as they can, but they also realise not everyone wants to pay £10+, 3 times a year, for more content

  24. I'd love to see like a glowing lava rock tool. Like a slight hint of red or glowing orange, so we could create volcano type areas

  25. I did a post about why this may be happening

  26. They stopped making new dlcs for the first game because they were preparing for JW2. The reason we didn't get it sooner is because the film got delayed (due to covid), and as I understand they wanted to release it shortly before the new movie (not unlike with Fallen Kingdom). I see no reason why they would stop milking this game via dlcs for a few more years like how they're doing it with Planet Zoo (which as I'm writing this is still getting dlcs).

  27. This part in particular is interesting: "Due to the increased certainty of the Jurassic World Evolution 2 forecast for FY23 and FY24, the Group recognised a deferred tax asset of £878k in respect of the £4.6 million of losses carried forward for this VGTR trade."

  28. In full context of the report, it means that they feel super confident in the product that they can adequately plan against it. They feel it will continue to make money, against which they can attribute cost and tax.

  29. Thank you 😁 I have more posts on my Insta

  30. Overwhelmed reaction when something went off in her face?

  31. Statues - would love at least 2 statues for at each of marine (Mosa!) , avian, and land creatures.

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