1. Why not? Have they ever talked about bisexuality? Some of the worse bisexual judgements come from homosexuals.

  2. Get used to this shit. Gold Coast council would have to be the worst in Oz.

  3. It's definitely not your job to take car of royalty like Queen Elizabeth II. You may be good at your job but her basket and burial are anything but standard.

  4. It's a colour thing. I put everything in reusable cotton veg bags, which are white, so it thinks all my fruits and veggies are mushrooms or something of a similar colour. And if you choose a product that's not shown, you need the attendant to verify. It drives me crazy, and stops people from using reusable products.

  5. Why even use reusable cotton bags? I haven't put veg in bags in years, just carry it loose and then bag it up at the checkout. However now my Woolies has Scan & Go and I haven't been through a till for a couple of months. It's brilliant.

  6. She did go through a period in the 80s where she got a lot of backlash. People didn’t think she could sing and the music industry thought she didn’t really deserve all the success. It’s when she got the nickname “singing budgie”

  7. Have people changed their minds? I'm certain she can't sing. She can put on a very good show though.

  8. I can't watch or listen to him. I see his face and just wonder why he hasn't been punched. I hear him talk and wonder how he has friends or followers.

  9. I think you’re right. I’ve thought she would do it if Meri had said yes but she offered knowing she’d be a hero forever.

  10. I don't think she was serious, I think she knew Meri wouldn't say yes so it was safe to offer. I also think Meri's life would have been even worse if she had said yes. It would have been brought up constantly that the child was Robyn's not Meri's. Let's rub it in more that Meri can't have more kids.

  11. A more cack handed way of getting the drugs out is hard to imagine. And no gloves.

  12. He looks cute but looks like there's something not quite right. However both parents have a look so it's probably just genetics. Poor kid, got no hope in his future.

  13. It was probably the comment years ago when Christine told her she was hurt that she wasn't allowed to look after Robyn's kids.

  14. Apart from anything else, Andrew is not old. He's the same age as me and I am most definitely not old.

  15. Shouldn't have had so many 'wives' and children then if you can't be there for them.

  16. No wonder young people are being told they can afford to buy a house if they stop having avocado on toast, I didn't realise it was a drug problem.

  17. Not everyone but a great many people do. I've been more affected by her death than I was about my mother's death, it's taken me by surprise tbh even though I'm very much for the monarchy.

  18. I was told I was a lying bitch when I asked if the film showed that he was a paedophile and abusive arsehole (brilliant singer notwithstanding). It's bizarre how people know their ages but don't see how fucking wrong it was.

  19. Ik the pedo bit, but what about him being an asshole? did he beat his wife or something?

  20. He didn want to go near Priscilla once she had Lisa Marie. She was no longer virginal I guess.

  21. The annoying / less hot property brother actually recently posted a pic on Insta of his baby’s shit stain. Maybe he and jessa “diaper pile in a corner and toilet full of diarrhea” Duggar-Seewald can do a crossover episode…

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