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  1. Complaining about him tithing? That seems a bit hypocritical for a population that is primary Catholic. Don’t they tithe too?

  2. I thought they still did? A few Catholics I know have mentioned giving a tithe of some sort to their Church.

  3. Tithing is a word that appears in the Bible, that does not mean the practices are the same.

  4. So you admit it would get his attention 😶‍🌫️

  5. I just need to start turning it off at random intervals to establish that it’s a thing that happens…

  6. Not this Isildur, apparently. Don’t you guys remember him totally dying in ep7?

  7. The answer is that this posted caused a rift in space time, and some of us just slide into an alternate reality

  8. It’s not infinite energy because the terrismen would eventually die of natural causes. Yes I am fun at parties

  9. The real question is, will Dan be writing the Rythmitist book 2…

  10. Does this mean we might get apocalypse guard??

  11. They said during the podcast that apocalypse guards second draft didn’t turn out very well. The Dark one will be their next project together

  12. Where did you see the pro 8 for $699? Lowest I’ve seen was 799

  13. It changes the context of Bands of mourning but doesn’t necessarily spoil it.

  14. I was very happy with the first Moonbreaker audio drama so this is good news.

  15. High possibility it’s El. Buuuuttt, if is el why be coy about it?

  16. Why Adolin when there is no story indication he's going in that direction, while Dalinar is one lost duel away from becoming Odiums champion,?

  17. I wouldn’t say zero indication. He did [warning]

  18. It’s definitely not my number one prediction. But I don’t think him turning to the dark side is out of the question. All it would really take is [warning]

  19. In his defense, he thought he thought he was the only person in roshar who could fly at the time

  20. I wonder what the record is for longest time spent in a gym

  21. Dude is running a long con. He posted the link to his page four days ago and posted about a BYU game over a month ago

  22. The primary wiki I've found so far is:

  23. Thanks! Idk when I googled it, all I get was an episode page for Nickelodeons pajama masks……

  24. I wish they’d make an app for painting. I’d much rather do it on my iPad while I watch tv.

  25. I’ve been playing for 6 years and this has never happened to me.

  26. It's a pretty "standard" neighborhood. We're on the sidewalks the whole time (I always make sure we are not on phones while crossing streets). It's just so odd lol.

  27. I voted for white sands because I don’t like graphic novels and I haven’t read it…

  28. All of Brandon’s books have a magic system to some degree. They all have pretty clear rules for how they work though.

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