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  1. Is there a chance that any of the stop-motion creatures from the movie will be sold to the public?

  2. Hey, I wouldn't say 'no' to steven in my party. He can apply aegis to anyone, including himself, heal, stress heal (albeit adding to his own stress), and shield throw hits back lines and stuns. Though his shuffle game doesn't seem that good. He can run with Leper.

  3. Don't forget the extra storage space you get by equipping the Lion trinket.

  4. They're gonna stream Viper vs Liereyy and Hera vs MBL at the same time?!?!

  5. I had a run where I had two Grand Finales and everything else was draw cards, and about an eleven card deck. I took Ninja Scroll without thinking, and when I saw Time Eater was the boss, I got purity in a shop just so I could exhaust the shivs without using them. It was worth it because I ended up taking out Time Eater in one twelve-card cycle.

  6. Won last night with a high card draw-bullet time-burst-nightmare-poison deck. Generally I got 2 out of the 4 turn 1 and could win next turn, but the one turn where they all came out on turn one I managed to get the giant head to 16504 poison damage.

  7. To this day I’ll never understand why Silva was such a fucking retard and kept his hands down like that

  8. While Silva pranced, Weidman was free to try anything. The end came when Weidman combined a right cross with a right hammer fist, because if his opponent is only going to shimmy, he might as well use some of his fifth grade wing chun. Silva dodged both strikes, but in doing so tucked his chin against his own chest. It had nowhere to go as Weidman's left hook crushed his jaw bone into his brain stem. Silva's Soul Train line suddenly transformed into a medical film on how knockouts work. If you're an alien producing a video on the non-genital weak points of humans, you're not going to top this.

  9. דאָ איז איינער וואָס איר זעט נישט יעדער טאָג

  10. I also just started playing, and I like how the game educates you in ways that you won't forget. Like, yesterday the game taught me that bringing the spearwall+xbows that works so well against brigands to fight the ancient undead is a good way of wiping your save.

  11. This is all going to be so funny when the Snyder Cut is removed from streaming.

  12. If anybody wants to know the mods, snake charmer and ringmaster (Highly recommend ringmaster if you're just starting).

  13. There's that old chestnut wondering about how Michael may have been a happier man if he had instead lived his entire life as a poor man in Gary, Indiana rather than becoming the king of pop. Almost certainly would have lived longer, at any rate.

  14. I think what we really need is a big-budget TV show. 20 Mil budget per episode at least.

  15. That hidden replies in the corner is the real punchline.

  16. I liked the detail that his body from the outside is kinda immune to his blasts since his head didn’t pop or explode

  17. Lol that was because of PG-13 Raimi would have 100% turned that man into a Jackson Pollock painting if it was rated R

  18. Leto's was like "my whole career in acting has led me to this, shoot me now", while Pattinson and Kravitz are just lol'ing at the ridiculousness and having a blast because of it.

  19. I think having someone else to absorb the weirdness with goes a long way.

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