1. Not what I had in mind, I guess that I'll have to get scrolling. Thank you anyways though!

  2. Waffle house is a breakfast rassurant that often is around low income communities in the southern states of the US. There were like 5 near my neighborhood growing up. It's hard to describe what the atmosphere is like. Imagine like a ghetto Denny's, but more entertaining. There's also a lot of crazy shit that happens at waffle houses like employees fighting, etc.

  3. Well according to context the things I see people inviting to Waffle House are not always fit there LoL

  4. I've saw videos (basically shorts) where people put in comments "Waffle House just found a new host" so much that I definitely name this and that Vaporeon thing just modern lorem ipsum LoL

  5. It's a poster for a film right?? RIIIGHGHHHHHTTTT.....??

  6. The kids one is hitting hard. I want kids but I'm also AroAce and there's no way I can adopt a child without being married, having reproductive problems or disabled...

  7. That's why the International Phonetic Alphabet exists! Here you go

  8. May I add 4th... The Caucasian "Gog"?? Not far just tough

  9. D1... Near to door and everyone sits on another side LoL

  10. Since kinks are exist I refuse to take this as an innocent meme lmfao

  11. I'm sorry, but what does aspie mean? I'd like to understand the context of it all, I know that it's not good, but that's it.

  12. Aspie is short for Asperger's. It's outdated term and also as I got the inventor of this specific spectrum of autism (or however they call it) was a nazi and ableist... Now people just say autism or asd (autism spectrum disorder)

  13. Please never say "thanksie" again. It makes me want to get a hunting license.

  14. The captions make this just funnier I'm ded. Now I'm ready to go sleep

  15. I just thought ya was posing... Ya look incredible with it

  16. I live in such an conservative country and whenever I say that I don't have attraction to anyone they'll (hellmates) be like "how is it even possible", "We'll see" etc. Well we'll really see LoL

  17. As queer I pretty much love this. Especially the beach

  18. Well what can I say except......................................

  19. As everyone said... Valid. I'm cupioplatonic without friends cuz I'm different LoL

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