1. Did u say that coke and Viagra compliment each other?? Bruh that’s your impending heart attack talking

  2. Hmmm. I could be wrong. As I understand it, the coke raises your blood pressure because the veins are more constricted, but viagra lowers blood pressure by dilating them. Viagra is a good hypertension alleviater, so I'm not sure where its gets to the heart attac

  3. My best results was to take a kamagra jellie before u do any yayo. If u do after has never worked for me, plus anyway u won't buss a nut so just wait till morning my manb😂

  4. 🤣🤣 it seems like I'm about to embark on the scientific method.

  5. I guess it's interesting but not in the nice way. I come from a family of sailors sp for my 21st birthday, my folks gave me my own catamaran. We went out to the dam for the maiden voyage, but the night before i had a dream that I was sailing my boat, capsized it and drowned.

  6. Just after I got out of a 6 year relationship, a buddy and I were playing pool and chatting shit when he jokingly mentioned that his work was driving him crazy amd that he just wanted to go on vacation. I paused for a bit, he looked at me, and 8 hours later we were packed and in the car on a road trip for 2 weeks

  7. Respect it. Its a little meta but it's my best piece of advice. Coke is great, it makes you feel invincible. But don't forget that it's a serious drug, and should be treated seriously (note: this always makes me seem like a pretwntious twat, but in essence I only mean that it shouldn't be approached recklessly).

  8. How to admit that you were wrong amd how to then learn from it

  9. The worst is "I've done my research, I suggest you go educate yourself"

  10. It's not nearly as serious. How good you are, how you look from that angle, whether or not you cum. It doesn't matter. And the ironic twist is that the moment those things start mattering to you, you can no longer give yourself to sex.

  11. The closing montage in S6 of Scrubs is the only correct answer

  12. I think it would be really good to have a real discussion with my parents. I want to tell them how they helped make the person I am, positive and negative. I want them to understand how their actions and behaviours affected me, and I want them to understand that my perception of their behaviours differs from how they perceived their actions (I want to tell my mom that I really appreciated that she wanted to make me food at night of ive had a rough day, but that I wanted to learn how to stand on my own feet regardless of mood). I want to explain amd apologise for the times that I hurt them, and I want them to tell me how their own generational traumas influenced them. I want them to tell me what I did wrong, and I want to tell them how their negative behaviours affected me (thanks, dad, i hold a grudge like no one else).

  13. To me, a person is the definition of stupid if they are unable (worse, unwilling) to learn.

  14. In 11th Grade I was cast in my schools pantomime version of Red Riding Hood as the dame character. It was a bit embarrassing at first because I was afraid of how my peers would perceive me if I played a woman. Lucky fucking me, I worked through it and decided (after choosing not to give a fuck about other people's opinion) that I would OWN the role.

  15. Yess, but keep in kind that you're dehydrating yourself with the coke (skin as well) so if you don't take precautions, the damage can be amplified

  16. For me coke is like sex. It’s awesome to do it alone but way more fun with company

  17. Highly social, but if you take the time to figure it out, it's just as effective in solo settings. The fundamental difference is that coke in a social situation amplifies all the social dimensions of the experience, while coke on your own allows you to observe and explore the effects without the overwhelming external stimuli

  18. I get more productive when the task has a steepening learning curve because I can then actively pursue and maintain my necessary difficulty-to-accomplishment ratio.

  19. Spread your powder on a hot plate for a bit to remove moisture, scrape together into a big pile, crush lightly with the flat side of a card (metal cards sre the bomb here), circle around a bit, lift the card amd scrape off anything on the card, scrape into a pile again, amd then start chopping. I had the best results with two carpet knife blades amd moving in perpendicular lines (top to bottom with one hand, side to side with the other hand, then diagonals). Scrape together again, cut again, and leave it spread after the last cut for a bit again.

  20. So mundane, but Sunlight (the OG dishwasher liquid in my country) is so much better than any of the spinoffs over the years

  21. If you want to explore some up and coming Deathcore from South Africa, I've got a few for you:

  22. Mams en Paps. I also go Moeder for my mom, and sometimes Daddio for my dad

  23. Lord of the Rings. The book is undeniably an excellent work of fiction with an immense depth of lore and meaning. It still is my favorite book. BUUUUUUT the way the movie conveyed the scale of the conflict, the contrast between the gigantic threat and the smallness of those who oppose it, and the cruel and grueling nature of the battles gave everything I'd read more colour than I could ever hope for. The soundtrack is another contribution to the masterpiece. Its just magical

  24. Mutual agreement of what the relationship is, and a mutual understanding of what the agreed upon relationship dynamic means to both people (because its not always the same, and assuming that they perceive something exactly like ypu perceive it is setting up for failure). Then I'd like it if the other person would like to spend time with me, regardless of the activity. I love an independent person that does things they want to do with whoever they want to, because I want that as well, but I would also like to feel like you enjoy my company.

  25. I think I bring comfort, reassurance and support. I also bring impulsiveness and adventure, and I hope I create a space for my SO where they can feel safe enough to discuss anything, goofy or life changing.

  26. Call it cliche or unoroginal, but I love it when you fight a major boss, whittle done his health, and finally deliver the killing blow. As you start feeling that sense of accomplishment, the boss reawakens in his true/other/dark form, stronger amd faster and with different movement mechanics for you to observe and learn.

  27. The trial has only just wrapped up, and the entire study is undoubtedly being reviewed and scrutinised into oblivion at the moment. Some companies might be willing to act on the preliminary results, but most will wait for either another confirmatory study or confirmation from the people that are trying to find issues with the first study, whichever comes first

  28. It happens to us all at some time. You can accelerate the healing by lining your nostrils with petroleum jelly but this sucks

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